Does Smoking Hemp Flower Cigarettes Help Quit Tobacco

Nicotine smoking is one of those habits that is difficult to quit. About a decade ago, cigarette smoking was all hype. In recent years people have turned to healthier options such as hemp cigarettes from the Lemon Cake strain or others. The use of hemp helps one quit nicotine smoking. So, how are hemp cigarettes better than tobacco ones? 

Most people argue about the futility of using one type of smoking to quit another. But isn’t it better to smoke a less harmful cigarette than a nicotine-packed one?

Hemp Cigarettes as Nicotine Cigarette Replacements

Scientifically, an abundant amount of proof argues in support of hemp. Nicotine smoking is addictive, expensive, and harmful to the body. Research shows that nicotine cigarettes cause lung and throat cancer with prolonged use. By turning to hemp, the hope is that one can quit nicotine and its adverse effects. The composition of hemp cigarettes offers a less harmful product that contains a reduced amount of THC. The THC levels are so low that only the CBD effects take action in the body. 

Why Substitute Nicotine Cigarettes with Hemp Cigarettes?

Mimics the Smoking Feeling

In the process of quitting nicotine, smokers often find themselves relapsing because of missing that smoking feeling. Smoking nicotine at some point becomes an addiction and a habit. Expecting a smoker to quit cold turkey may result in more relapses. 

Smoking hemp instead of tobacco has the smokers holding a cigarette-looking thing and smoking as usual. The only difference is the content of the sticks. Smokers who use decoys such as hemp sticks are more likely to succeed in their endeavors than those who quit cold turkey. 

Helps with Nicotine Withdrawals

When a person decides to quit nicotine, it leads to adverse symptoms. These negative symptoms range from anxieties, hand tremors, nausea, and headaches to other unpleasant ones. The range of these symptoms may vary depending on the time of use. Users that have grown dependent on nicotine will have more severe symptoms.

Using CBD cigarettes to stop smoking, a user can alleviate most of these symptoms. CBD contains helpful components that relieve the user from anxieties, stress, and other symptoms. Since CBD is the active ingredient in hemp cigarettes, it has a calming effect that soothes the negative symptoms of withdrawal. 

Saves Money

Nicotine smokers must often chain smoke to get the desired effect. This means that they go through sticks by the bucket load. A seasoned smoker can use up to a whole packet or two of their preferred brand in a day. 

When using hemp, the amount of sticks used daily is less. This means there is a likelihood of saving way more money when using hemp cigarettes. 

Natural Ingredients

Hemp is a product of weed flowers. They have been processed from natural ingredients and contain no additional additives. This contrasts with tobacco products that have added chemicals to make their effect more pronounced.

When smoking hemp cigarettes, the ingredients are natural and safe for use. They have no additive component and hence are healthy for people. In general, the natural elements of hemp flowers and their cigarettes offer their users a better and healthier experience. 

Long-Lasting Effect

Comparatively, hemp has a longer-lasting effect than nicotine. The nature of nicotine is that it offers a short-lived relief, often known as a head rush. This feeling hits the brain and causes general relaxation all over the body.

Most nicotine smokers are addicted to that relaxing feeling. The feeling lasts for about a minute. On the other hand, hemp cigarettes have a longer-lasting effect. Their calming and relieving effect is way longer than nicotine. They last a couple of hours, meaning your next hemp stick will be in a few hours. 

This long-lasting effect of hemp is one of the reasons why it is easier to quit smoking nicotine. Users find themselves spacing sticks more and needing less of the smoking feeling. With time they can successfully quit their smoking habits.

A Quitters Reprieve

The decision to quit smoking gets followed by adverse symptoms that make the experience surreal. To counter the same most users tend to fall back to their old habits and smoke tobacco. But what if I told you there was a better alternative? The alternative has nothing to do with patches. Hemp cigarettes are essential to quit tobacco and successfully avert negative symptoms. Not only are they safer, but they also have a longer-lasting effect that saves you money. 

Hemp products contain CBD components that help alleviate the negative symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. They help relieve stress and create a sense of calm amid daily activities. 

Rather than suffering from withdrawal symptoms, you can consider using hemp cigarettes to lessen the harshness of the same. It is entirely legal and helpful.