Does Manifestation Really Work?

Do you also believe in the thinking that if you will think positively everything will be positive around you? Do you think if I have cancer and if I only start thinking positive about everything…it will help in curing my cancer? Let me stop being critical and let me get straight on the point…does manifestation really work? 

To begin with, manifestation is a practice of thinking aspirational so that you can convert positivity into reality. Well, now you may understand why manifestation memes are trending these days over social media. 

We all hope for a better future…don’t we? It can be really sensed during the pandemic situation wherein we all just prayed for a better future, fewer deaths, and dissolving the deadly virus from the world. In fact, we are all blown by the practice of manifestation. Because manifestation affirmation helps us in accomplishing something we have always dreamt of and we couldn’t get it into reality. But, do you agree that thinking positively about our dreams and wishing they come true someday is all we need? Let me again bring this question to you…does manifestation really work? Do you still think? 

Why do people manifest? 

The art of manifestation is not only about thinking positive or thinking nicely, it is actually more complicated than it looks. It totally depends on who asks, what are they manifesting about, and what do they want? The reality is that you cannot manifest something which is uncontrollable like clearly, you cannot manifest your trauma. 

This is the reason why some people live on the point that there is no such way to manifest while others claim that manifestation does not work if you don’t believe or connect with spirituality. For example, if I am writing something and if I manifest to complete the script within three days…will I be able to do that? Talking about reality, yes, if I promise myself to complete the writing within three days by manifesting in a better way, maybe I can complete the script. Maybe the whole universe going to help me to achieve that (if I believe so)! 

As I said, manifestation is really complicated; it is also related to numbers. Manifestation is related to special numbers like 1111 and 444. Such numbers are referred to as angel numbers since they have special sound frequencies (528 hertz is considered to be a love frequency). Moreover, if you will notice, many people use the evil eye emoji or the Nazar Amulet for preventing themselves from the evil eyes. Isn’t it based on creating your own sigils? 

Well, from this point we came to the point that manifestation is not only complicated but it also has to do with paradoxical thinking. If I talk about the gen z, they will start thinking about the manifestation too hard that eventually none of it is going to make sense. And, here comes the law of attraction. The Law of attraction says that positive things will only come to you if you will think positively. It is the new spiritual movement of the 19th century. Herein, creative visualization, spiritual healing, and the law of attraction can also intervene. When asked people generally do not believe in spirituality until and unless it’s all about astrology, psychics, spiritual energies, reincarnation, and more. Meanwhile, research shows that females tend to believe in all this than males. 

In all these years and with the generation of TikTokers, Manifestation has exploded on social media and it has really helped the gurus or the teachers to increase the followers for guiding over manifestation, reiki, crystals, and other forms of traditional psychotherapy. 

Does manifestation really work? 

After all these discussions, let’s get back to the main question, does manifestation really work? If you believe, it is fine, but do not forget that there are limits. The idea of manifestation does not account for anything negative. Well, it can help in managing symptoms of mental health issues like anxiety and depression. 

However, overestimating our own thoughts could be really dangerous for us as well. It could also lead to an increase in the symptoms. For example, if someone with depression will start believing that nobody loves them, it could lead to more and alleviated symptoms of depression. I am not saying manifestation is a problem here, all I am saying is that positive thinking could lead to circumstances as well, and it can have negative consequences as well. 

Certainly, we all cannot deny the fact that positive thinking makes us more unworried and we tend to stop making efforts to achieve our goals. However, you can take the help of the acronym WOOP: wish outcome, obstacle, and plan to make your manifestation work and to achieve your goals. 

Let’s get back to the reality

Manifestation is all based on our beliefs. And certainly what do we believe is not the actual point here. If you will have a closer look at social media, you will observe that manifestation is a boon in the forms of memes, TikToks, Reels, and whatnot. It means people actually love it. Indeed, humans are skeptical and manifestation is attractive because it looks contemplating. 

I hope this blog helps you to understand if manifestation really works or not. 

Thanks for reading! 

More power to you.