Does DockATot Worth the hype?

This blog is an honest review of baby docks that are so skyrocketing over the internet in the USA The “DockATot”. Well, if you have a baby and you’ve been on YouTube, Instagram and internet, searching for baby gears for your little one, high chances are that you might have heard about DockATot.

When I had my first baby Dian, I was searching online for a dock for her, I came across this like $195 bucks baby dock and I was like Woah…almost 200 bucks for a dock?? Let it sink in!

But then I checked the reviews..4.5 stars everywhere and people were raving! 

I was like oh my God, it’s something I should dig in.
My hub didn’t let me go for it because it was just crazy for him to shell out 200 dollars over a baby dock…

Well, when we took our little one home from the hospital, Dian cried for 3 nights straight…then I had to beg my husband to order this cuz I was getting no sleep and the only way to convince him was these DockATot promo codes by AliPromoCodes that got us some discount on our dock.

So, it’s been my 6 months with DockATot, and in this blog, I am reviewing this product by answering some FAQs about it to show if it’s really worth the hype.

  • Do I really have to have this if I have a baby?

No, my sister has 2 babies and she was like Ok without having it for either of her children.

  • Does it shut my baby from crying totally?

Mmm… No! To me it worked because my little one was actually scared of sleeping in a free environment, she was used to with that warm & comfy environment in my womb and many babies actually want the same.

  • Is it safe?

To me, yes it is! The company claims this product to be rigorously tested. The material is breathable, it’s non-toxic and it’s science-backed, so it’s definitely safe.

  • Does it reduce the risk of flat-head syndrome?

Hell yeah! The DockATot mattress is made from super soft fiber that relieves pressure on the head. And since the DockATot sides act as a support prop, you can rest the baby on his or her side.

  • Is it good for tummy time?

Yes! Mine likes chewing the walls of her dock while air swimming in her DockATot.

  • Is it comfortable to carry it around?

Yes, it is ultra-portable & safe for traveling.

  • Does it make your baby sleep for longer?

Oh yes, it does! My baby sleeps for longer and gets up very fresh…I can’t tell if it is mainly because of her DockATot or she just loves to sleep.