Does Coronavirus impact fertility? We ask Dr Gautam Allahbadia

There are more than 128 million infection cases worldwide by now with 2.79 million recorded deaths

While Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid pace worldwide, every day we learn something new about Covid-19. Now, there have been some serious concerns about the virus and its impact on fertility and pregnancy. Senior Obstetrician-Gynecologist Dr Gautam Allahbadia has said that there is no scientific evidence that indicates any impact on fertility and pregnancy.

However, he also suggested that there is data available based on cases that indicate a negative impact on sperm quality and quantity. “There are few cases in which short-term adverse impact on sperm quality and quantity can be observed in the Covid-19 infected patients. Moreover, there’s another question connected to it –  Can you get Covid-19 infection from sperm? There has been no evidence yet of Covid-19 being transmitted sexually.”

On the question of the decreased birthrate in several countries since the outbreak of the pandemic, he said that there can be psychological reasons other than medical that are reflecting such data.

“With restrictions on movements, problems in logistics, and several other emotional reasons, many people are refraining from conceiving amid such a time full of uncertainties,” says Dr Gautam Allahbadia.

While responding to a frequently asked question these days by couples whether they should delay their fertility treatment after having the Covid-19 vaccine, Dr. Allahbadia, says that the only reason to consider delaying it could be protection against coronavirus before you get pregnant. He also said that it is unlikely to be affected by a short delay. However, for people over 37 years of age, delays of several months may affect the chance of success. Therefore, he suggested that fertility treatment can be sought before/after taking Covid-19 vaccines.

With over several decades of experience, Dr. Gautam Allahbadia is well-known name in the field of assisted fertility treatments in India and abroad.