Does Bajaj Finance Loan Enable a Dream Wedding?

Bajaj Finance provides personal loans to the customers to make them financially strong for the marriage expenses. There is not a single stuff in big fat Indian weddings, you require money for catering, wedding plans, decorations, etc. The list is quite long but the fund is quite low. Do you feel the same? Don’t worry Bajaj finance loan is our solution. With the help of which you can borrow up to INR 25 lakh at an attractive rate of interest. Read this article and know what benefits Bajaj Finance personal loan provides you.


What rates on my Bajaj Finance loan?


Bajaj Finance helps you get the desired amount for your wedding so you won’t face any issue during the functions and can enjoy them. The Bajaj Finance personal loan interest rates starts from 10.99% per annum which is affordable and attractive compared to the other lenders. You can have the benefit of Bajaj Finance loan if you have a monthly income of INR 25,000. Because the NBFC provides loans to those customers who meet the loan eligibility criteria. And one of them is income, both the salaried and self-employed income calculated on different factors. Then according to that, the interest rate is charged on your borrowed amount.


What about the after marriage expenses, does Bajaj Finance loan help me with that?


Yes, you can manage your after marriage costs also with the Bajaj finance loan and balance the interest rate. To do so you need to apply for the Flexi loan. In this type of Bajaj finance personal loan, you can withdraw the required amount whenever you need funds from your credit limit. Bajaj Finance set the credit limit of your loan based on your income and credit status. The advantage of this Flexi loan is that the Bajaj Finance personal loan interest rates gets manageable even if they are high.


Payment remains the same for a Flexi or regular, both the Bajaj finance loan that is equated monthly installments. You can calculate your EMI of the borrowed amount using the Bajaj personal loan calculator for instant EMI generation. Once you get the EMI, the payment can be managed without any trouble.


Be wedding-ready with Bajaj Finance loan!


To apply for the loan, you need not to visit any branch, just go to the Bajaj Finance website and apply for the loan. The borrower needs to pay 4.13% of the loan amount to the NBFC to process the loan. And you are required to submit your KYC and income documents along with the duly filled loan application form. If your loan gets the approval from Bajaj Finance it will be disbursed to the account in less than 24 hours.


So meet your marriage expense with the help of Bajaj Finance and get the dream wedding which you have planned for. There is no need to worry about the Bajaj Finance personal loan interest rates as you can get rid of it anytime doing pre-payment or closing the loan earlier. And to do this you are required to pay 4% of the outstanding amount.


Start a new phase of your life with Bajaj Finance for a trouble free financial need in future.