Does Ahmedabad have good Secondary Schools offering Montessori preschool?

Ahmedabad is a reasonably prosperous city justifiably famous for its textiles industry and the enterprising nature of its residents. The place is also known for its delectable snacks and savories and the fun loving nature of its people. Its other claim to fame is the famed Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. The people of the city are quite aspirational and enterprising and it is quite obvious that there would be a number of good Montessori pre schools and secondary schools.. Let us look at the various kinds of such schools in Ahmedabad.

  1. International and Global Chains

The very concept of a Montessori school is an international one and there are therefore a number of international Montessori school chains who have a healthy presence in the city. Many of these are part of a large secondary or major international school set up. Most parents who understand what the montessori concept actually stands for put their children into these kinds of schools.

  1. Homegrown schools for small children

Being the aspirational city that Ahmedabad is, even those parents who are unable to put their children into the top ranking Montessori schools do put them into homegrown schools that attempt to provide the same kind of ambiance and teaching methodologies. While these might not have access to some of the tools that the very best Montessori schools possess, some of these do a very good job of inducting little children into the world of formal education in a gentle manner.

  1. Great Choice of Secondary Schools

Ahmedabad has a very large number of good secondary schools that range from reasonably well known CBSE schools to global chains that offer international curricula in addition to Indian ones. As to what kind of a secondary school that a parent should choose for one’s child, it depends upon what one is looking for. The CBSE schools are quite good in terms of helping a child build a great career in life, while the international ones also stress on personality development and preparing children to be global citizens.


Ahmedabad is one of the country’s most dynamic cities and you can be certain there will be good Montessori preschool to secondary school education catering to the educational needs of the city’s children. Like with most other things in life, the standards of these schools vary considerably and one should exercise caution and discretion in zeroing in on a school for one’s child.