Does Adherence to a Particular Recovery Program Improve Family Relationships?


‘Addiction is a disease’- it has been established by the leading scientists and medical experts who have been performing credible research in the field for several years. The objective to free humanity from addiction’s clutches and create an antidote that cures addiction has led to substantial research. One good side of the study is that it has tried to attack the defunct social prejudices and assumptions about addiction and addicts.

The stigma around addiction and addicts treats them as criminals and denounces addiction rather than treating it as any other disease is a severe blow to the war on drugs. Suboxone doctors near me feel that a behavioral change and a change in mindset is essential to continue the war on drugs and make any significant headway there. However, the rise of suboxone clinic chains and treatment centers are a welcome change in that direction.

Suboxone doctors near me explain the role of the family in substance addiction:

Man is a social animal, which is highly relevant when he falls prey to drugs and substances. Substance abuse and addiction often stem from the family and its role on the patient. Suboxone clinics near me find several individuals who claim that they have been compelled by certain situations in their family to turn to drugs for momentary relief.

  • Often, family responsibilities create massive stress for individuals.
  • In some other cases, the family plays the role of an enabler.
  • There are instances where the family might contain individual peers who negatively influence the mental health of the patient.
  • Trauma, violence, physical and sexual oppression are also common in certain families, causing individuals to turn towards substances to get over such dark and excruciatingly painful experiences.
  • Troublesome family history where the link to drugs and substances is hereditary.

Slowly these detours to find peace and alleviate their pains become more mainstream, and occasional drug usage grows into an addiction. Drug addiction treatment centers near me regularly experience more patients who turn to drugs and substances after being egged by their family somehow or the other than any other triggers.

How substance addiction affects families?

People who are chronically abusing drugs and substances tend to view these detours as the central objective of their lives and start neglecting other facets. Often, they are upset, weary, or uninterested in anything beyond drugs and substances. As a result, the family suffers severely. In those instances where the family does not have any role in provoking the addictive behavior or the individual, it seems more unjust.

Neglecting the health, financial, and other social responsibilities lead the family to descend into a sticky spot. According to a famous suboxone doctor, drug and substance cravings often compel an addicted individual to engage in activities denounced by society and may be considered illegal or criminal. In such instances, the family suffers more.

The role of drug addiction treatment in family relationships?

The family has a crucial role to play in every form of treatment. When it comes to drugs and substance addiction treatment, this role increases severely. Though family work has become a centralized theme in numerous treatment procedures, family therapy has been severely underused in drugs and substance abuse treatment.

Drug addiction treatment centers have employed acclaimed medical experts, professionals, and counselors who believe that treating substance addiction in an individual needs to stem from the triggers that caused them in the first place. As a result, diagnosis of inherent mental health conditions or co-occurring disorders becomes critically important. Such a diagnosis tries to find out the root cause of addiction in individuals.

When the root cause points towards the family, counselors, and doctors at the suboxone clinics near me believe that drug de-addiction programs should include family therapy. Apart from individual and group therapy, family therapy becomes significantly more important. It enables every family member to learn about their ideal roles in the family and what they are doing wrong to provoke addiction in the particular individual. Such therapy also makes them aware of-

  • addiction triggers,
  • knowledge of drugs,
  • safe intervention strategies,
  • safe and healthy coping mechanisms,
  • building healthy barriers,
  • negotiating with harmful thoughts and keeping them at bay,
  • practicing mindfulness,
  • helping the patient in recovery,
  • being a sober ally,
  • stopping enabling behavior and
  • learning about individual responsibilities amongst others.

Does drug addiction treatment actually improve family relationships?

The concept of family as an ecosystem within the broader context of society has a massive role in treating problems like substance addiction. Since family therapy addresses individual family members’ needs, suboxone doctors near me feel that its objective is to negotiate the intricate relational patterns and modify them in specific ways to bring about an effective change for the entire family, including the patient.

As a result, comprehensive drug de-addiction programs that involve family therapy as a necessary element to address the interdependent nature of family relationships is critical to enhancing the quality of such relationships while improving the patient’s condition.