Document Verification – Helping Industries To Streamline Their Workflow

Almost every business entity is vulnerable with regard to facing identity theft frauds. The number of frauds is increasing with each passing day and the major cause behind it is the businesses lacking efficient verification systems to verify their customers in a sophisticated way. The two major industries that are under the hot wind of facing fraud are the banks and the age-restricted industries. Both are sensitive in their nature considering the fact they are dealing with. ID document verification is the answer to the face challenges of identity fraud. 

Bank and age-restricted websites are prone to facing online fraud. Banks being related to managing funds of individuals attract criminals to commit crimes in order to gain illegal money. Age-restricted websites are also engaged in age-exclusive products that require restricting minors from having access to them. Document Verification is the only way industries can achieve their goal of building customers’ trust. 

ID Document Verification 

Document verification services incorporate all the necessary steps to verify the customers based on the ID documents. The document that is eligible for verifying customers includes all the government-issued ID documents like ID cards, driving licenses, and passports. 

Document attestation requires the customers to submit their official documents at the time of customer onboarding. This is a simpler method, all customers have to do is submit any government-issued ID document. The OCR software extracts the information from the document and further analysis is performed. Once the verification completes, results are delivered to the customers. 

Age-restricted Websites Employing ID Document Verification Services

The age-restricted industry is facing many online identity thefts because of their weak practices in identifying customers. Age-restricted websites like tobacco, cannabis, online gambling websites, and e-cigarettes cannot survive in the long run if they fail to comply with required regulations. 

Minors, as well as the merchants, face severe consequences if the businesses show any carelessness to verify the ID of the customers. Age-restricted merchants eventually get themselves into paying hefty penalties and also damage their reputation if they become famous for becoming a source for any minor to face identity theft. 

Children also have to lose their innocence if they ever try to consume age-oriented products just to feed their curiosity. Once getting access to products like alcohol or any adult content, it leaves a strong negative impact on their physical and emotional well-being. 

ID document verification here helps the businesses in this regard. On the age-restricted websites, at the time of customer onboarding, such age-exclusive platforms ask the users to show their identity documents. Once shown the document, the software verifies the age while comparing the age on the document to that of manually typed by the customers. Sometimes the platforms in question also require their users to submit their selfies to match the face of the user to that of the image present on the identity document. 

After employing such a document validation process, age-restricted websites make sure that their content does not get abused by fraudsters. The availability of content or products remains convenient to the legalized users and securing minors from being manipulated by the imposters. 

Benefits of ID Document Verification to Businesses 

There are many types of documents like ID cards, passports, and driving licenses to confirm the authenticity of customers. It benefits business a lot in the following ways:

  • Combat Identity Theft

ID document verification is the solution for businesses to combat identity theft fraud by identifying customers based on documents. 

  • Authentic Result Driven Services 

Document validation along with facial recognition plays a key role to produce authentic results of customer confirmation. 

  • Enhancing B2C Trust

Document checks enable businesses to build a trustworthy relationship between themselves and their customers. 

  • Customer Satisfaction

Users, when enjoying a seamless experience without having to go through tedious procedures, become satisfied with their companies’ document verification process for them. 

  • Reputation 

Companies, when they do not associate themselves with any kind of fraud, increase their reputation in the digital world. 

  • Streamlined Customer Experience 

Document validation process being a simpler and robust process facilitates businesses to provide their customers a streamlined experience. 

  • Compliance 

Regulatory authorities keep a check on the business entities to check if they are complying with the regulation or not. In case of non-compliance, policymakers punish businesses in the name of heft penalties. 

Wrapping It Up

Identity documents are the best ways for businesses to verify their customers in an efficient way. Fraudsters use many ways to mold or change identity documents to make them useful for them. Without complying with the ID document verification, businesses can easily become fools in the hands of imposters who are smart enough to modify documents in a way that can easily trick the human eye.