Do You Want To Find a Cheap House? Alaska Is Your Matter Of Choice Then

We all want to live smartly without much hassle and worry. All of this is possible if and when you choose to live in a city that is not much expensive, the tax rate isn’t high, and the cost of living is low. You can find such a city in MLS Alaska. Here, in this blog, we have chosen to explain the reasons for living in Alaska.

Reason #1: Food Costs in Alaska 

First of all, food in Alaska is reasonably lower in rates as compared to other cities in the US. However, all the food items that are not part of this city (or are not grown in Alaska) happen to be a tad expensive. It is because food travels from far-off places to reach Alaska. Once they reach supermarkets or marts, their prices are increased. For instance, 12 eggs will cost $5.50 and the price of 2 liters of coke will be around $3.50. 

Reason #2: Housing Cost in Alaska 

Housing is the most significant factor that determines the cost of living. If you are living in Alaska then you should know that the living cost is based on your neighborhood (rural, urban, and suburban atmospheres). Well, an average house in Alaska is roughly around $241,800 which is 37% more than the average (the national average is $176,700). On the other hand, townhomes are cheaper than the bigger cities. We can say that in fact – Anchorage stands at $303,601. Another fact about Alaska is based on the rentals – it is far lesser than the entire US. Lastly, we would like to share the details of a 1 bedroom apartment; it is $21 cheaper as compared to the local average. 

Reason #3: Transport Cost in Alaska 

Another reality based on which we can say Alaska is the best and cheapest place to buy a house is transport. See, we all know without a commute there is no life! We are bound to socialize, go to work, and education centers like school or college, right? So, keep in mind the price of gas for every gallon – $3.36. That is a bit expensive but you should know there are different ways to commute from one place to another. These places don’t need a car because they need a boat to travel.