Do you really need a DWI Attorney in Haddonfield? Find here!

If you are facing under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in Haddonfield, you should consider seeking legal support and counsel without any further delay. DWI/DUI laws in New Jersey are complex, and the consequences of a conviction could be extremely serious. While penalties/fines could be extremely high, you may also face potential jail time and license suspension. A Haddonfield DWI Attorney could help reduce the consequences. Here’s what you need to know. 

Things a DWI Attorney can do for you

First things first, you need to be honest with your attorney. Your lawyer will then start explaining the common elements of your DUI charge. The prosecutor and the police will do their best to present evidence, and if you get an attorney, they will verify if the evidence is admissible. If the key elements of a DUI offense are missing, your lawyer will do their best to get you acquitted. Your lawyer will explain the best defense strategy you can consider, possible civil liability, expected fines, and other things that may concern your past and present. Your lawyer will also talk about perjury. 

Exploring the benefits

You can only get a positive outcome from the case if you can prove that the prosecution’s case has a flaw. If you hire an experienced DWI attorney, they are more likely to find such flaws. This differentiates an experienced lawyer from an average one. If your lawyer knows that the charges cannot be dismissed, they can negotiate lesser charges. It depends largely on the facts of the case, but many lawyers know the prosecution and their personal relationships could benefit your case. Remember that when it comes to prosecuting DUI/DWI cases, the success rate in New Jersey is quite high. While you can represent yourself in such cases, it may not be the wisest step. 

How much do DWI Attorneys charge?

It depends on the case, but there is usually an hourly rate with most law firms. Many DWI Attorneys work with a strong team of associates and legal experts, and if the case requires more work, they may charge a higher hourly rate. The good thing is you can expect your attorney to give an estimate in advance. Because so much is at stake, you should not try to save a few bucks by looking for a cheaper lawyer. 

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