Do You Need the Help of Local Dog Walkers?

Exercise is an essential part of our daily lives. But do you know that dogs also need it as much as we do? There are different kinds of exercise you can engage your furry friend to join. But one of the easiest ways to keep them moving is simply by walking.

Encouraging your dogs to walk even just for a few minutes a day is beneficial to their health. Plus, it is mandated by Australian law for pet owners to walk their dogs at least once a day. But what if our busy schedules won’t allow us to have some walking trips with our animal companions? The simple solution is to hire local dog walkers.

The Job of a Dog Walker

Local dog walkers either work as an independent or part of a business. Simply put, their main job is to take dogs out for a walk. They are usually paid on an hourly basis which gives owners time to carry on with their typical routine without compromising the dog’s need to take a walk. Depending on the individual’s capacity, a dog walker can take one dog or multiple dogs at the same time.

A dog walker’s job starts by picking up the dog at the owner’s house. Once the owner has finished all instructions regarding handling their dog, the dog walker then takes it for a walk. The safety of the dog is the main responsibility of the dog walker. They should be able to return to their owners harmless.

Aside from walking dogs as scheduled, dog walkers also adhere to other duties. They should plan appropriate dog walking North Brisbane routes according to the dog’s age, breed, and general shape. They should also be observant of the dog’s behaviour and report any concerning issues to the owners. During their time with the dog, they should feed them and dispose of any waste. Furthermore, there may be instances wherein the dog walkers will be asked to take the dog to the veterinarian.

Reasons to Hire a Dog Walker

Perhaps you’re already on your phone or computer about to type ‘hire dog walker near me’ but still a bit sceptical. These reasons may convince you to work with a dog walker sooner or later.

You Have Long Hours of Work

Some jobs may require employees to work longer hours. If you usually find yourself stuck at meetings or staying at the office even after work hours, then it’s time to hire dog walker. They can provide your furry companion support while waiting for you to finish at work.

You Have a Busy Schedule

While each one spends their time differently, some may not have enough time to take their dogs for a walk. If you really can’t squeeze in dog walking in your schedule, contact a dog walker. They will make sure that your dogs will have their much needed outdoor walk without disrupting your timetable.

You Need to Attend an Event or Special Occasion

Unfortunately, some events or occasions won’t permit us to bring our pets. To feel less guilty, have a dog walker take care of them for the time being. Hiring local dog walkers will also give you peace of mind knowing that your pet is taken care of even if you’re far away from them.

You Have Health Issues

Some pet owners may have health restrictions that won’t allow them to take their animal friend for a walk. Maybe it’s because of an existing health condition or the pet owner just needs a break following a surgery or accident. No matter what the case is, a dog walker can ensure that they engage in a walking activity while you take time to heal.


The main role of dog walkers is to help pet owners who cannot commit to regularly walking their dogs. When hiring a dog walker, just make sure that they can be trusted. After all, your dog is already a part of your family. You will want them to be in safe hands.

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