Do you need PMP to be a project manager?

Today, job roles in the corporate domain are complex and can require you to be qualified to handle a variety of projects. Different projects can have different factors affecting them—hence, general management skills may be insufficient to handle specific and technical projects.

That’s why, relevant expertise in project management can be an ideal attribute for professionals aspiring for senior management or leadership roles in a business domain. Acquiring a project management certification like the PMP can help you become an effective project manager.

Read ahead to learn more about this certification and whether it is essential for becoming a project manager.

What is the PMP certification?

The PMP (Project Management Professional) is a universally recognised management certification issued by the Project Management Institute or PMI. PMI is a leading non-profit management organisation with member chapters in more than 80 countries.

The PMP is a respected credential for project managers and is considered the gold standard for project management certification. Since it has immense value, the qualification has a stringent eligibility criteria.

Candidates must show 35 hours of project management education, 4500 hours of active project management experience if they have a bachelor’s degree or 7,500 hours of active project management experience if they have an associate’s degree.

Is a PMP certification essential for a project management career?

Although you can learn project management through practical experience, a certification in the subject can be beneficial in a number of ways.

  • It adds value to your resume: A PMP certification is considered gold standard in the world of project management. Hence, acquiring the certification can enhance the value of your resume. The presence of PMP in your resume can demonstrate that you have the relevant skills to handle a high-intensity project. In fact many recruiters tend to prioritise CVs with PMP certification over those who have a different project management certification.
  • It provides you with industry recognition: The PMP certification is universally recognised across numerous professional domains and industry. Hence, this certification is sure to enhance your professional prospects in any domain. The PMP certification also makes up for your lack of experience in project management if you are just starting your career in the domain.
  • It builds the relevant management skills: The PMP certification has very high standards and requires extensive preparation to pass the exam. You will need a lot of hard and soft management skills in addition to a thorough knowledge of project management fundamentals. Hence, gaining this certification can help you learn the important processes and tools involved in project management and expose you to the best practices and latest trends in the field.
  • It paves way for a higher income: The chance to access high-paying project management jobs is one of the biggest benefits of the PMP certification. The PMI recently reported that the average median salary for a project manager with PMP was $ 108,000 versus $ 91,000 for a project manager with no certification.

You should explore project management courses as a gateway for the PMP certification. These courses provide you with the subject expertise to clear this competitive project management certification. They also help you in getting a general understanding of market dynamics and how to trade stocks.

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