Do you know who to call if you’ve been involved in a car accident?

Experts on accidents in Colorado say that traffic crashes mostly happen because of human error. You might be a careful driver, but unfortunately, someone may still cause accidents. 

It’s in the best interest to call 911 for the police to drive to the scene to collect information, create a report and organize for medical attention if someone is injured. Drivers should also have numbers of these persons since they play an essential role after a car accident.

Car accident lawyer 

As soon as you can make a call, contact a Colorado car accident lawyer. Valuable evidence showing the person that should take responsibility might be lost or destroyed, so the call should be as quick as possible. An accident attorney may gather the necessary evidence, investigate aspects of the accident and file appropriate claims against the liable party. 

Family and friends 

Close family members or friends should know if one of their loved ones is involved in an accident. They also know your whereabouts if they were expecting you to arrive at a particular time. You can call family soon after contacting the police. A conversation with family or friends helps to increase calmness. Some may also give helpful advice on specific accident attorneys, doctors, and repair shops to call. Close people can also provide a ride to a hospital or home if your vehicle is too damaged.


Accidents can cause conditions that might not show immediately after the incident, such as back injuries or traumatic brain injuries. A visit to a doctor is necessary even when there is no need to visit an emergency room. A doctor will confirm if any internal injuries might cause health problems in the future. Doctor records after check-up serve as evidence during an injury claim. Inform a doctor to book you for a check-up while waiting for the police, a towing vehicle, or organizing a ride from the scene.

Insurance company 

Informing an insurance company about involvement in a car accident is a mandatory step because they will be involved in compensation. An accident attorney will offer guidance about the claim procedure and even take steps to do the filing. Liability coverage on auto insurance covers damage to other vehicles and compensation for passengers. Drivers with personal injury protection coverage need an attorney to file a claim with an insurance company.

Repair shop attendant 

A car accident damages vehicles whether there were injuries or not, creating the need for unforeseen repair works. Call your usual repair shop to inquire about the availability of if the firm can send a reliable mechanic to help with the situation. You want quick fixing of your car as quickly as possible so that the inconvenience of staying without one does not take long. Moreover, repair shops also identify the damage on your vehicle and the cost of repairs. 

Make sure that you are some distance from the accident if the vehicles involved are in the middle of the road before making calls. A speeding car might bump into the wreckages causing further risk of injuries.