Do you know about map enforcement software?

Sometimes, the cases of wrongly-placed parking tickets have made us feel embarrassed. They never make us smile when you are outside your house and your car is served with a parking ticket.

The information about the nature of the cases can be retrieved from a website known as According to the information displayed on the site, even an influential person like Amir Khan paid huge amount of money as fine after he was not able to find parking slot in Bandra, Mumbai.

Such mistakes have been made by the office staff in order to collect money from innocent people.

The info and useful information about the software is being presented here because there is the increasing number of cars in the town, but parking space is getting less in the city, while Mumbai traffic police have failed to solve the problem.

The site describes that the software developed by Map Safe Parking Management Software is very easy to use. It does not require you to be a car park attendant to use it. The information can be printed out and handed over to the police or parking lot attendant.

The system operates on the principle of punctuality, while there are other parking control systems which are designed to work on the principle of chaos. Map Safe Parking Management Software utilises this strategy and is able to detect vehicles that are due to leave before a given time.

The users can simply choose the option on the monitor to proceed to the different pages to get the locations of parking lots. The signs are also provided so that the drivers can understand how to manoeuvre the vehicles through the parking lots.

The GPS is also attached to the system and it can be tracked through the Internet or mobile phones. It is also possible to capture the GPS signal from the mobile phone and also put the information of the vehicle on the system to check the location of the vehicle.

The system can even have a camera connected to the vehicle through which the data can be captured and displayed to the officers. It is believed that by incorporating this technology, the department could have stopped the mistakes committed by the police or parking attendants in the parking lots.

Once a vehicle enters a parking lot, it is captured by the sensor and identified through a transponder. It is believed that the police would have collected extra money for such parking violations.

MAP monitoring solution has become the need of the hour because there are many parking lots who have not yet adopted the new technology. The problem of overloading of vehicles is increasing in the city, so this software is a good solution to solve this problem.

The navigation system helps the user in finding the nearest car park with a free space. Once you enter the city, you can ask the system for the list of the parking lots in your vicinity that provide free parking. It is believed that by using this software, the department has been able to create a revenue of nearly INR 1 crore in the last four months in Bandra, Mumbai.

“People at the parking lots can pay the money to the person who has issued the fine. Since this is an innovative technology, there is no need for the police to be on duty. Also, this will help people pay their fine in cash” said the director of the firm.

Since this software can be easily used on mobiles and laptops, the users can download this mobile application on the android mobile operating system.

The application is available for the google play and apple store. The visitors to the mobile application can make the payment and pay the fine instantly.

About Map Safe Parking Management Software

MSPMSG is a flexible parking management software developed by a Delhi based company.

This advanced parking solution provides customers a complete range of services, including management, reporting, map and GPS. It gives a 360 degree view of the parking situation to the clients. The software can be easily used on android mobile operating system. The applications are not only very easy to use but are also very informative.

The executives of MSPMSG have also planned to adopt the Bluetooth technology in their parking management software to check the nearby cars with GPS.

“The system can give all the details of the vehicles’ movement to the officials on duty at the parking lot. It will also have the capabilities to track the registration number of a vehicle. We have been working for the last two years with the GPS technology” said the senior official.