Do you have to move all your furniture for carpet cleaning?

Carpets beautify homes, but they get dirty quickly and require professional cleaning from a carpet cleaning company. It gathers dirt, dust, pet hair, food particles, spills, and bug faeces. However, cleaning carpets is tough, especially when furniture covers a large area.

Dirt2Tidy professional cleaners can move furniture and clean carpets during the cleaning process.

How about cleaning the carpets yourself?

Carpet cleaning without moving furniture is detailed here. First, let’s see why moving a piece of furniture is important before a professional carpet cleaner arrives.

Moving Furniture Cleans Carpets Well

To thoroughly clean your carpets, you must remove your furniture. Cleaning carpets requires relocating furniture.

Move them for a thorough cleaning, but not for basic cleaning or stain removal. Moving furniture extends carpet life.

Cleans hidden dirt and dust

Dust and filth build up under furniture. These hard-to-reach spots are commonly overlooked while cleaning carpets. Dirt sticks. Move furniture to clean those areas appropriately.

Dent proof Furniture

Furniture feet cause dent imprints on carpets if you don’t relocate them often. Damaged fibres cause it. To remove the dent, move the furniture, clean the area, and apply carpet wash to that region.

Image by 22594 from Pixabay 

Time-saving and easy cleaning

Removing furniture from carpets can be tough, but it will make cleaning faster and easier.

Furniture will slow you down when vacuuming or steam cleaning. Dirt2Tidy carpet steam cleaners prefer to clean carpets without anything on them.

Change high-traffic regions

High-traffic carpets get soiled rapidly if you don’t rearrange the furniture. Repeatedly cleaning such regions can damage the carpets. Moving carpets let you deep clean, move furniture, and shift the high-traffic area.

Moving big furniture alone is difficult. Thus, family and friends should assist. Dirt2Tidy professionals clean carpets and shift furniture. Experts may charge extra for furniture moving. Carpets can be cleaned even if the furniture cannot be moved.

Furniture-Free Carpet Cleaning

If you are elderly, have a significant back injury, or have heavy furniture, clean the carpets without moving anything. Cleaning a carpet with furniture is challenging, but there are ways to do it.

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels

Clear under the furniture

Pets and kids can leave food, toys, cash, paper, crayons, and more under the couch and bed. First, manually remove anything that could hinder the vacuum cleaner. These can damage the appliance. Avoid clutter under furniture.

Extend wand

Modern vacuums have an extension wand, dusting brush, and flexible hose. This gadget cleans the under-furniture carpet. After decluttering, set up the vacuum cleaner. Connect the extension wand to the stretchable hose and clean the area.

Clean around furniture

You cannot clean the place if the carpet and furnishings are touching. Clean the carpet around the furniture. Remove chairs, tables, and other lightweight things. Maximise space.


Hiring Dirt2Tidy carpet steam cleaning professionals is one of the best ways to clean carpets without moving furniture. They have cleaned carpets in many types of homes and offices, so they can do it well. They employ cutting-edge equipment and unique approaches you can’t learn.


Moving furniture for carpet cleaning helps. It speeds up cleaning, completely cleans carpets and prevents furniture dents. If you can’t move the furniture, use the methods above or call expert cleaners. They clean best.

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