Do you have any questions? What To Ask In Your Next Interview

Securing a sound job in a competitive market is no easy feat. Job seekers who are looking for a fresh start, upgrade, or career change can consult with Australian recruitment agencies for that extra push to get ahead and stand out from the crowd. 

While in an interview it’s common for the employer to do most of the talking, you can make sure you leave a good first impression by showing you’re just as interested and engaged. A good interview should be a two way street. As much as they need to see if you’re the right fit, you want to check that they’re the right fit for you too. It is observed that employers often tend to favour professionals that take initiative and show they are capable of asking questions and communicating. 

Here are some questions you can ask in your next interview:

Day-to-day Responsibilities:

Try to learn about the role that might lie ahead for you. Get an idea about your daily responsibilities and weekly turnover. This will help you prepare and decide if the position is shaping up to be good for you. You’re also able to get valuable insight into your employers expectations of you, should you get the job. Asking questions about this show that you are interested in the job, what it would involve, and taking it seriously.


While asking questions from your potential employer or interviewer, you should try to get an idea about the expectations they have. This will help you in understanding the expectations of and whether or not you think you can meet them. This means you can show and tell them how you will do so. It also gives you important information that is usually not in the job description. It will impress interviewers and show them you value meeting their expectations in every aspect of the position. Another great thing to ask is expectations surrounding dress code, conduct, safety procedures, etc. This means if you get the job you can start on the best possible foot.

Be Honest About Challenges And Solutions:

Asking about challenges and pain points that may arise in the potential position is a great way to show you’re realistic and ready to problem solve. You can ask these questions for yourself and for the whole company as well. This will help you in knowing how to drive your own personal growth and roadblocks. It’s okay to ask about challenges and negatives if you’re willing to think about solutions.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask About Money:

While it might not be the easiest thing to talk about in an interview, it’s good practice to ask about your potential pay. It’s within your rights to know what you’re signing up for before you sign up for it.