Do Window Blinds Save Energy?

Saving Energy with Solar Shading

In the meantime, a lot of energy is generated alternatively by means of solar cells, combined heat and power plants, or other regenerative sources. But the best energy is that which is not consumed: Saving energy starts at home. Sun protection solutions from JalouCity, such as blinds, roller blinds, and curtains, reduce the incidence of glaring sun rays and protect rooms from overheating in summer. Our products can also help you save energy in winter. JalouCity’s sun protection systems act as insulating air cushions and in this way reduce heating costs. For this purpose, JalouCity offers special sunshade systems coated with Perlex, Teflon, or aluminum, which are excellent for window blind & shades repairs in Avalon.

  • Use energy-saving potential
  • Regulate solar radiation
  • Making the most of daylight
  • Optimal results are achieved with honeycomb pleated blinds (current study by the Fraunhofer Institute 2009) See illustration

Windows Are Energy Holes

Do you live in a detached single-family house? About one-third of the heat is lost through the windows. In an apartment building, this value can be even higher. The loss of heat can be significantly reduced with blinds, shades, and curtains.

Less CO2 – More climate protection

The Belgian Physibel Institute proved in a study that comprehensive sun protection could save up to 111 million tons of CO˛ across Europe. With intelligent sun protection, you can make a significant contribution to this – and significantly reduce your private expenditure on energy.

Saving Heating Energy in Winter

During the day, the sun’s rays, which can penetrate the window pane, heat up the home. When it gets dark, blinds and curtains are closed to keep the heat inside.

Saving Cooling Energy in Summer

If the sun’s rays are kept out during the day with blinds, shades, and curtains, the interior heats up much less and the apartment stays cooler. At night, the window decoration can be opened and ventilated

Optimal Use of Daylight

Blinds, roller blinds, and pleated blinds from JalouCity allow you to regulate the intensity with which the light falls through the windows so that it falls evenly deep into the interior of the rooms while avoiding glare and reflections.

To keep interiors comfortable while saving energy, JalouCity solar shading devices are more than useful. If the sun shines unhindered into the room, it heats up and dazzles the people who spend time there. With sun shading, both can be prevented. The energy classes for interior sun shading from 1 to 5 indicate how much the energy transmittance can be reduced. In an easy-to-understand way, the energy classes show where you can save more energy – and thus be in the green zone

U-value: The heat transfer coefficient describes the quality of the thermal insulation. The lower the value, the better the insulation works, as it allows less heat to pass through.

FC value: The window decoration decreases the total energy transmittance of the window. The lower the FC value, the more efficient the thermal insulation of blinds, shades, and curtains.

g-value: This refers to the total energy transmittance, i.e. the total energy that enters the room through the window as a result of solar radiation.

Saving Energy Costs with Privacy and Light Protection

Roller blinds, panel curtains, pleated blinds, or Venetian blinds can help you save energy by improving the insulation of the window area. At JalouCity you can find special window decorations that specifically help save energy. How this is possible? The window hanging is made of a specially coated material that reflects the sun or absorbs the heat from the sun’s incoming rays. Coated materials with Perlex, Teflon, or aluminum ensure that a room remains cool, in which they reflect and reflect back the sunlight already at the window sash. Pleated blinds with Doupli honeycombs ensure that cold air can not penetrate through the windows, preventing cold radiation. This allows you to save valuable energy. 76% of the energy consumed annually in the household is used for heating the rooms. Only 24% of the consumed energy is used for cooking, lighting, cooling, washing, freezing, and hot water preparation. Pleated blinds with the Double honeycomb can reduce heat loss through the window by up to 21%. Take advantage of the warming effect of the sun shining on the window. As soon as the sun is no longer shining directly, the pleated blind is pulled in front of the window, thus retaining the heat in the room. Do you also want to minimize your heating costs and save energy? Then visit us at a JalouCity store near you. You can also find our honeycomb pleated blinds and Double pleated blinds in our online store.

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