Do What Makes Your Soul Happy, in the Spotlight RJ Trickshot

Individuals as a whole need to be better forms of themselves and improve their overall wellbeing. More often than not, people usually focus more on their physical health rather than their mental wellbeing. Taking care of one’s physical self is indeed important, but neglecting the soul’s peace is never a great idea. To accomplish a healthy living state, one needs to comprehend the significance of the body, brain, and soul and cooperate to fabricate one’s general prosperity. A healthy soul keeps one well and dynamic, and a sound soul keeps a person satisfied and content. A person who brought such true meaning to life by doing what truly made his soul happy is Zahidul Islam.

Being a young professional pool game player, Zahid never believed in the typical ideologies justified by the world. To him, doing what makes the soul happy and content was more important than doing what the world made happy. Today, Zahid is known for his unique abilities reflected in his professional pool games. Being the winner against expert players in the 4×4 and eight pool titles, Zahid began his professional journey when he was initially involved in street sports.

Believe in Oneself- The First Step to Happiness                     

Growing up, Zahid played soccer and cricket. Being an athletic child, one of Zahid’s commendable qualities was that he does what he thinks will refresh his mind, body, and soul. It was one reason why Zahid transitioned from physical sports to cue sports, specifically mastering his essential billiard pool strategies. This particular strategic mind of Zahid is one of the main reasons he started understanding the tricks of becoming perfect at a pool game at a very young age. The Bangladeshi pool game player was motivated by his brother to practice the aiming techniques, develop the right pool stance, and break the game’s tempo to build the game’s tempo. Being as enthusiastic, focused, and determined as Zahid is, he decided to pursue his career as a professional pool game player. Brought into the world on July 20, 2001, his fortune was written as a blessed one since then. Later, Zahid’s intellectual capabilities reflected when he decided not to leave behind his studies. He managed his studies and pool game side by side. It is because he wanted to satisfy his soul into doing something he was passionate about. Despite this, Zahid decided to pursue professional training and education in billiard while studying at Richland College after graduating from Berkner High School in Richardson, Texas, in 2020.

As important as education and career-pursuance were important to Zahid, he did not forget to invest his energy in making his soul feel content. When he started practicing pool and step by step started working on his shots, Zahid found himself playing at community and national level. It was a kickstart in his career that gradually helped him present himself in front of the world as RJ Trickshot.

Hard work and Consistency Dwells in The Soul

Zahidul Islam, now known as RJ Trickshot, rose to fame through his famous ‘Trickshots.’ The respective title is solely put by his name as the shots are unique, and RJ terms them as his signature shots. Another platform that helped RJ rise to fame was TikTok. It was where RJ gained his fame by being recognized by the Sports Illustrator Community on TikTok. After gaining recognition, RJ did not want to stop. His goal was to work more as his soul craved to learn and achieve more in playing pool games. To feel contented and firm in his decision, RJ looked for motivation from Efren Bata Reyes, one of the professional pool players. His inspiration served as a source of motivation for doing even more, and RJ, from here onwards, decided not to look back. He wanted to work hard enough to become capable enough to manage and afford his finances, which he later did.

The thirst for doing even better with his signature Trickshots and working hard to make a name in the world of pool games made RJ love pool games even more. His motivation from the rising fame, brother’s motivation, and the restlessness of satisfying the soul enabled him to play 9×9 Ball Championship and 16×16 Ball Championship against talented pool game players. Today, RJ is one hardworking individual who wants people to work hard too. He states not to opt for a path everyone is opting for. If one’s instinct constantly prompts one to go in a productive yet distinct direction, one must always route for it. RJ is one clear example of it. He is additionally in partnership with Predators Cues and Bulletproof Tip Company. RJ looks upto popular competitions, including WPA and Mosconi Cup. Today, he appreciates each opportunity and acknowledges that nothing is impossible. The lone thing that gets one a long way from achieving targets is a shortfall of Consistency and hard work. When the decision is made, it is essential to stick to it. As per RJ, when one focuses on their goals that make one happy, there is nothing more amazing than the particular feel. He is a prominent example of not sticking to what the world believes in, simultaneously encouraging others to do what makes them happy!

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