Do we really need coaching Centers?

Today, coachings are everywhere. In every other city, every other town, every other corner. They are running in crores. Students, youngsters, adults join them to get help in subjects or to crack exams. Coachings, display big banners. Banners of students who have successfully performed in exams. Each banner/poster reciting the saga of the institution. Each banner is bigger in size than that of the other. Appealing/tempting students to join their esteemed institute, to come and grab the opportunity, an opportunity that is of once in a lifetime. Now, let me discuss why I feel coachings do not provide quality education?

 Firstly, the fees for these coaching classes are pretty high. Which is difficult to afford by a person coming from a middle-class or poor income group. Moreover, money in the name of the special kit, uniform, etc adds to the extra burden. Nowadays most of the coachings are money oriented.

Then comes the long hours of coachings (6-7 hours). It usually happens that a child comes from school tired and then rushes to coaching. Comes home late from coaching, complete homework and gets to bed late at night. Students face trouble to cope with school and coaching learning. I feel a better option could be home tuition or self-study.

Also in such a busy and hectic life where’s the time to play or relax? We all have heard this famous proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.’’So what will happen? Unwanted diseases will make our bodies their home. Which no one wants.

The size of the batches is too large. Hundreds of students sit in class to gain knowledge. Closely packed like matches in a matchbox. It can lead to another more serious problem. It is quite easy to assume that a class which has many students and teachers has limited time in hand, they cannot pay attention to each and every one.

Coachings take tests from time to time. To analyze students performance. So, there is constant pressure, the pressure to score high and better. Sometimes, it can develop stress, anxiety. Today, even a difference of 0.5% can affect the rank/position by a huge amount. There is intense, fierce competition.

Coaching hire counselors. Cases of students taking extreme steps indicate that somewhere something is wrong. Young minds fail to confide or share their problems or issues with counselors.  It raises the question for us to stop and think about our education system our coaching environment. Is it quality oriented or percentage oriented?