Do Washing Machines Work on AI?

Everyone is so used to smartphones being ‘smart’ that now, the concept of how smart a phone can rarely surprise people. It is commonplace to see smartphones and other devices like tablets and even TVs embracing IoT.

However, AI or artificial intelligence took a while to be incorporated into household appliances like washing machines. Nonetheless, now, you can find excellent washing machines with AI technology. 

So to answer the question, “Do washing machines work on AI?”, the response is in the affirmative. For a consumer who is an Indian washing machine price is a key factor in the purchase of such an appliance.

Machines that come with AI technology are more advanced and hence, more expensive. Still, if you don’t mind investing in a machine that translates into the ultimate convenience for you, you should opt for a washer with AI technology. 

What does AI Mean in a Washing Machine?

With recently launched AI innovation in washing machines, people wonder how AI is integrated into washing machines. Significantly, through machine learning, AI that is incorporated in the latest washing machines today provides intelligent washing machines that ‘understand’ different functions of washing clothes, without you having to do any work.

For instance, washing machines with AI can comprehend wash cycles, durations, and more. They can also respond to voice commands executed via a smartphone, the voice assistant. In much the same way as Alexa acts as an IoT device to control your smart TV and other smart products around the home, the smartness of a washing machine can be managed through an app on your phone.

In the best Indian washing machine, you still may not find AI used much, but we’re not far away from seeing this technology adopted in all machines. 

Latest Technology

Samsung, as a brand that manufactures washing machines, has always brought novel technology to all its new launches in the past. This year saw the brand unveil its latest addition to the world with its AI-powered washing machines. Nonetheless, AI has been a feature of washing machines for a while now.

In January 2020, LG brought out its new advancement in washing machines with AI as the central core, aimed at washing clothes with accuracy. It won the CES 2020 Award for its creative ThinQ front loader which adopts AI Direct Drive technology and a customer service product running on AI. 

The LG Washing Machine and AI

This is a flagship machine, and is pricey compared to other washing machines, but is well worth the investment as users have discovered. LG’s new ThinQ machine detects the weight of each load, as well as the volume. It also uses advanced AI sensory mechanisms to identify types of fabric in loads.

With the technology of deep learning at the heart of this advancement, the washing machine is able to compare information about a load of clothes to over 20,000 data points. As a result, the machine can program itself to determine the most accurate wash cycle.

Consequently, you get improved cleaning and longer-lasting clothes. This tech-savvy washing machine from LG can detect differences in clothing, from jeans to bed linen and manoeuvre wash cycles to meet the demands of washing both. So it works precisely with combinations of fabrics. 

The Benefits of AI in Washing Machines

AI technology enables washing machines to detect not only loads and wash them accordingly, but also decides the temperature of water for the load and customises motions to match. What’s more, user-friendly dispensers take the guesswork out of the dose of detergent to be used, adding amounts automatically.

Moreover, this is done gradually in different parts of the wash cycle to enhance washing according to different movements. In the best Indian washing machine, you will undoubtedly experience a smart machine that washes clothes and has smart dryers all rolled into one.

Most washing machines working on AI can connect to Amazon’s Alexa through an app and you get notifications about your wash cycle. For example, if your wash is low on detergent, the machine will tell you. 

The Samsung Experience

Samsung, as far as the brand is concerned, is more ‘Indian’ in character since it has maintained a stronghold in the Indian consumer’s mind for a while now. With plants in India, most Indians identify it as Indian, but it is actually South Korean. Known for its durable and user-friendly top load and front load machines, Samsung always tries to balance price and quality.

Considered the brand with the best ‘Indian’ washing machine, it launched its own AI washer in early 2021. In a first, the AI model pleasantly surprised consumers with its bilingual interface, in English and Hindi.

Customised for Indian users, it has 2.8 million data analysis points in various combinations to wash any fabric. The AI system learns the preferences of users, remembering clothes washed frequently. It suggests wash cycles to users proactively. The washing machine can be paired with Alexa, Google Home and other Samsung smart devices. 

AI – Here to Stay

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