Do US citizens need a visa to Turkey?


The visa for Turkey is a momentary visa legitimate for a time of 30 days conceded to Indians going for the motivations behind the travel industry or business. This visa is exceptionally simple to acquire as the method is a web-based one given you have all the documentation set up.

As often as possible posed inquiries about the Turkey visa

Turkey Visa FAQ Many individuals might have many inquiries regarding Turkish visas and a portion of the habitually posed inquiries are recorded underneath:

General inquiries

  • What is an e-visa and how can it function?
  • Might I at any point likewise purchase a visa at the air terminal?
  • What are the advantages of e-visa Turkey?
  • How and when do I accept my visa?
  • I have applied for a visa yet (not) got it?

Inquiries regarding applying

  • How might I apply for a Turkey visa?
  • What is it that I really want for the visa application?
  • Might I at any point present a pressing application?
  • When could I at any point petition for an e-visa?
  • Who can or needs to apply for an e-visa in Turkey?
  • Do I need to apply for this visa on the web?
  • Might I at any point apply for an e-visa for other people?
  • My kid is remembered for my identification; do I need to apply for a visa for my kid?
  • For what number of individuals could I at any point present a visa?
  • I have another distinguishing proof record. Do I have to begin another application?
  • Might I at any point apply for a visa in the event that I have a home license?
  • Is applying for a Turkey visa safe?

Inquiries regarding the Turkey visa

  • How long is the Turkey visa substantial?
  • Could I at any point utilize this visa to venture out to Turkey at least a few times?
  • How long am I permitted to remain in Turkey?
  • Might I at any point head out to Turkey on one more date than the appearance date referenced on my visa?
  • Could I at any point utilize this visa to work in Turkey?
  • What does the Turkey visa cost?
  • Could I at any point go to Turkey with any aircraft?

Turkey e-Visa Requirements for American Citizens

Turkey Visa for US Citizens The United States is on the rundown of nations whose residents are qualified for a Turkey online e-Visa, meaning US nationals can rapidly acquire approval to go to this wonderful and noteworthy country. Turkey e-Visa prerequisites for American residents are basic and clear.

The Turkish e-Visa replaces the past “sticker visa” and was made to accelerate the visa application process. It very well may be utilized for a solitary passage or different sections into Turkey.

To acquire approval to make a trip to the country, American identification holders need to finish the Turkey online e-Visa application structure.

Turkey e-Visa Application for Citizens of the United States

To acquire an e-Visa for Turkey, residents of the United States are expected to fill in the web-based e-Visa application structure.

The structure requests fundamental individual subtleties and identification data, as well as subtleties of the explorer’s planned visit to Turkey.

While showing up in Turkey, line authorities will confirm the e-Visa connected to the singular’s identification. Voyagers are firmly instructed to bring a printed duplicate regarding the e-Visa, to show to line authorities whenever required.

Data Required for a Turkey e-Visa Application for US Citizens

Data and reports expected for Turkey Visa for US Citizens online include:

  1. Visa legitimate for at least 60 days past the span of stay in Turkey
  2. Current email address to get the supported Turkey vacationer online visa
  3. A credit or check card to pay the Turkey e-Visa charge

Explorers may likewise have to give extra supporting documentation.


U.S. residents truly do regularly require an e-visa to enter Turkey, however, journey transport travelers are allowed to come shorewards without a visa for day visits by unique game plans. So, you might visit Turkey on the road trip from your voyage transport without being in control of your identification.


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