Do Truck Drivers Need Special Attorneys?

Accidents happen constantly on the road, but what happens if you’re a truck driver who gets into a wreck with another commercial vehicle or a passenger auto? While the rules of the road are the same for all drivers, truck drivers may need some extra assistance if their accident winds up being a matter for the courts. Just like getting a special certification for your drivers’ license, you need some special expertise on your side.

What to do After a Truck Accident


While statutes on the books for truck accidents are pretty much the same for car accidents, commercial drivers have the hurdle of public perception of semi-trucks and other haulers on the road as being at the heart of a wreck. However, if a large truck is cut off suddenly on the highway, there is very little truck drivers can do that won’t cause even more significant hazards and problems. That’s why bringing in experienced truck accident attorneys should be your first step after seeking medical treatment following an accident.

A free consultation will make you aware of the vital pieces of evidence you need for a potential lawsuit. Lawyers will work to make sure there is an understanding of all of the events that led to a tractor-trailer crash, with necessary photographs and witness statements from the scene. Evidence is critical as a truck accident claim can be dire to licensing and reputation for trucking companies and their drivers. The preservation of that evidence is crucial in proving a third party’s liability in a collision.

Experienced Attorneys


Tractor-trailer accident litigation requires thorough investigation. Commercial truck drivers need experienced accident lawyers on their side to make sure that a proper probe is not only conducted but conducted quickly. Some law firms will turn to their team of investigators to routinely visit accident scenes and garner evidence. This includes any injuries that may have occurred as a result of a truck accident. Accident debris from a big rig accident can actually help deliver a strong case for truck drivers, determining if braking occurred or if mechanical failure may have been to blame for the crash.

Truck crash cases differ greatly from car crashes and other types of cases. Truckers and transportation companies must comply with a complex set of federal and state laws and regulations governing hours of service, maintenance and inspection requirements, and other safety protocol. From obtaining police reports and eyewitness accounts, experienced tractor-trailer accident attorneys have in-depth knowledge of these regulations. Lawyers will evaluate this personal injury case to assess medical bills and other financial losses a truck driver may have incurred from a collision.

Experienced Witnesses


As the plaintiff in a truck accident lawsuit, truck drivers go in with a crux on them for recklessness just because of experiences that jurors may have on the road with tractor-trailers. That’s why it’s important for drivers, as accident victims, to have attorneys on their side who are able to bring in qualified expert testimony to understand what goes into being a big rig driver. Tractor-trailer accident attorneys have long-established relationships with trucking industry experts.

These expert witnesses will review the facts of a truck driver’s case, helping to lay off a winning strategy for litigation be it a settlement or ending up in a personal injury trial. Engineers, medical professionals, economists, caregivers, and accident reconstructionists will work alongside accident attorneys to build the strongest case from the free initial consultation. Truck injury lawyers will also make sure that there are no potential holes in the case, such as missed deadlines on certifications or expired licenses. It’s all about a duty of care to make sure a truck driver is having their case handled properly.