For many people, applying foundation is an important part of the entire makeup process. Whether the makeup is light or heavy, a foundation is applied first before anything else.

But what is so special about using foundation makeup? Do you really need it? What happens when you do not use foundation makeup? Before we find out all of that, let us first understand what foundation makeup is and what it does.

What is Foundation Makeup?

Just as the name implies, foundation makeup serves as a ‘foundation’ for other makeup products. It is used to create a base on the face before other products are then applied. As the base, the foundation prepares the face to receive other makeup products by making the face smooth and giving it an even texture. 

Foundation makeup products come in different forms, including powder, liquid, water-based, and so on. These different types of foundation makeup are made for different types of skin, so you have to choose the one that is good for your skin type if you want the right results.

Why Do We Use Foundation Makeup?

Here are common reasons why this makeup is popular:

1.      Hide Blemishes

Foundation makeup does a good job at hiding facial blemishes. While it may not make the blemishes disappear completely, it makes them less visible. This gives your face a more refined look and makes it look smooth and flawless.

2.      Even Skin Complexion

Another reason why foundation makeup is used is that it creates an even complexion on the face. This would serve as a guide for the colour or tone of the makeup that would follow, allowing it to blend very well with your face.

3.       Provides A Base For The Rest Of The Makeup

Foundation makeup provides a base for anything else that would follow. This allows the rest of the makeup to ‘stick’ properly to your face, especially if you have oily skin or depending on the kind of environment where you would be.

4.      Makes Your Face Pop

Foundation adds glow and warmth to your face, which makes your face look brighter and full of life. Simply using foundation makeup would add colour to your face, which can improve how you are perceived, and by extension, your mood.

From what we have seen above, using foundation makeup has its benefits, which is no surprise as many people consider it an essential part of their makeup routine. But what happens when you do not use foundation?

What Happens When You Do Not Use Foundation?

1.      Exposes Blemishes

The major issue you would face with not using a foundation is that your blemishes would be exposed when you apply other makeup products. If you have acne, spots, or other blemishes on your face, they would become more visible as you add other makeup products to them. This would make your face look rough.

2.      Uneven Skin Tone

Without a foundation, your skin would not have an even tone. This can affect the way the makeup blends with your face and how you look with it.

3.       Makeup Would Not Stick

Another problem you are very likely to face is that the makeup products would not stick as you want. Any little sweat or moisture can ruin your makeup. Also, if your skin is oily, then it may be hard for you to get your makeup to sit well without using foundation.

Over to You

It is clear that using foundation makeup serves a lot of purposes and has many benefits. Although it is not mandatory, especially if you feel you have dry, smooth skin, using a good foundation, like the one you can get from Australian mineral makeup brand Rageism Beauty, makes your makeup pop, and enhances your look and beauty.

Ellen Hollington

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