Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident that Wasn’t My Fault?

Hiring a lawyer in case you get into an accident is ideal. Even if the accident wasn’t your fault, you have the right to hire an auto accident lawyer Sacramento.

Many individuals feel that they do not need a lawyer if it is not their fault. However, that is not the case. You still need to prove that you were not involved in the wrongdoing. While you don’t need to seek legal counsel, you need a personal injury lawyer Sacramento to help you file a case against the negligent party.

Having an accident on the road due to the negligence of the other person leads to stress, injuries, and frustration. Professional law firms are efficient enough to handle legal cases that begin after the accident. They help in keeping you worry-free and handle the legal process on your behalf.

Focus on Receiving Medical Assistance

If you have suffered injuries, major or minor, you should immediately seek medical attention. Medical records help in recovering the claim faster with your insurance company. Remember to check the initial settlement offered by the insurance company before approving. A hurried approval from your end can prevent you from receiving fair compensation should your injuries demand more serious treatment and expensive procedures.

A Sacramento bicycle accident attorney helps in building your case with the insurance company and keeps you from the hassle of completing the paperwork for the same. This support allows you to continue your treatment both mentally and physically.

A lawyer will always suggest an out-of-court settlement. Nevertheless, if matters don’t end in your favor, then they will take your case to trial and even fight on your behalf.

What Does a Lawyer Do?

A lawyer can guide and help you save on the expenses of property damage and medical treatments. You do not have to pay for the expenses you incur due to the negligence of someone else. The lawyer will keep updating you on the proceedings of the case from time to time. The liable party should face the consequences of being negligent and pay for the losses you incurred.

To keep your case stronger, your lawyer may take the following steps:

  • Obtain a police record that details the accident.
  • Talk to witnesses around and gather proof of negligence.
  • Take help from accident specialists and also take their expert views.
  • Consult your doctor to obtain the most recent medical records.

Financial Awards You Are Entitled To

Depending on the losses you have suffered in the accident, you are liable for economic as well as non-economic awards. These include:

  • Pain
  • Medical expenses
  • Mental suffering
  • Physical therapy
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage

When the other party is at fault in an accident, their insurance company will use all means to trick you into making statements that can go against you. Any vague statement generating doubt or confusion can lower the value of your claim. The insurance company representatives of the other party will also try to offer an unrealistically low claim amount that is unable to fulfill the expense of your damages and your medical treatments. Therefore, it is best to let your car accident lawyer take care of the negotiation.


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