Do I Need A Designer For A Bathroom Remodel

If you’re reading this post, then there’s a high possibility you want to remodel your bathroom. Maybe there are some broken accessories in the bathroom or maybe it has lost its aesthetic appeal due to old age. If you’re the one I’m talking to, then you must be seated at the corner of your bathroom asking the question, do I need a designer for a bathroom remodel

You see, a bathroom remodel project is very tricky. It’s very different from fixing a leaking pipe or replacing a shower unit. This project involves ripping everything apart (to remain with a blank bathroom space) and then setting it back with completely new accessories that suit your demands. So, can you do it yourself or should you hire a designer to do everything for you?

Why Hire a Bathroom Designer?

Although most people will prefer to consult the internet for inspiration, allowing a designer to do the job for you will save you a lot in the long run. Here are some of the pros of hiring a designer. 

  1. Designers are Experienced

Now, to begin, you need to know that you’re not a designer yourself. So, whatever you’ll come up with is an idea or inspiration you’ve gathered from the internet. Although you got it for free, it will be hard to turn this idea into a reality.

However, if you hire a pro designer, he/she will employ all the experience he has gathered over the years. Here, your designer will ask you questions such as who uses the bathroom, how often is it used, whether it’s your future retirement home and why you want to redesign your bathroom. These questions will give your designer an idea of what you’re looking forward to.

  1. A designer Will Help You Plan

Whether you DIY or hire a designer, you need to have a plan in place. In case it’s your first time, then it will obviously be difficult. With a designer, planning will be easy as he/she will provide drawings and 3D renderings that will give you a realistic preview of how your future bathroom will look like. Your designer will also provide you with other options you can choose from. 

  1. Your Designer Will Aid in Space Organization

Space is one factor you must consider when doing bathroom remodeling. If you’re alone, then it’s easy to mess up with your spacing by making the bathroom too squeezed by the end of the project. But, if you’re dealing with a designer, he/she will find a way to maximize your bathroom space by fitting accessories that will work for you.

For instance, your designer might propose a tub over a shower and recommend the best countertop materials and cabinet door styles to pick depending on the size of your bathroom. 

  1. You End up With a Realistic Budget

Now, if you’re remodeling your bathroom on your own, it’s hard to know how much each component and accessory costs. Remember, as time goes by, the price of products gets higher. So, what cost a few bucks a few years ago may be expensive now.

Thankfully, with a designer at your disposal, you’ll be able to understand the current cost of products. A designer will also advise you on what to get and what to remove. He/she will also suggest the best vendors who sell their products at a low price. 

  1. Designer Have Industry Connections

When doing bathroom remodeling, most people wonder whether to hire contractors, architects, builders, or designers. While each of these people has a role to play in your bathroom remodeling, hiring a designer is the best shot as they have industry connections. 

Since most designers work with top-quality remodeling companies, they usually have connections with the best vendors, suppliers, and tradespeople. They also know where to source the best accessories with high-quality workmanship. 

  1. They Make the Process Easier 

Lastly, designers make the entire remodeling process appear easier and more simplified. Once you’ve shared your scope, vision, and budget with your designer, he/she will know where to begin. Your designer will guide the contractors through the plan and design of the new bathroom and will ensure that the right bathroom products are ordered and delivered within the stipulated time frame. He/she will foresee the entire project and will give you updates on how everything is progressing. 

What’s the Cost of Hiring a Bathroom Designer?

Now that you’re aware of the pros of hiring a designer for your bathroom remodeling project, the next thing you need to consider is the cost of hiring a designer. This is where you sit back and ask yourself “Do I need a designer for a bathroom remodel?”

Here, the cost of hiring a designer greatly depends on how involved they are in your project. For instance, some designers will charge an introductory fee of around $300 – $500 while some will not charge anything. 

Most of them will charge an hourly rate of around $100 – $250. This rate will cover any meetings you have, telephone calls, and time spent planning and shopping for products. 

Other than the charges, there’s the cost of the project. So, to give you a better understanding, we’re going to break down the cost of the materials and products needed for a quality bathroom remodeling. 

remodel Type COST 
shower$500 – $5,000 
countertops$200 – $1,000 
flooring $45 – $200 
paint $30 – $60 
plumbing$250 – $1,500 
vanity$100 – $2,800 
cabinets $270 – $400 


So, Do I need a designer for a bathroom remodel? Yes, you do. Having a bathroom designer at your disposal is a huge plus as they help to bring your ideas into reality. A professional designer has industry connections and most offer valuable ideas that bring light to your project. Although some are costly, the final take is that you can’t compare designers with handling the project yourself.