Do I Need a 24-hour Insurance Cover?

Short-term or temporary car insurance policies are best when you require insurance coverage on your car for a short time. In this policy, the coverage period can be less than six months due to various circumstances. 

In general, insurance companies usually write insurance that lasts for six months to one year. Typically, insurance companies avoid writing short-term insurance plans. It may be challenging to find such plans in the U.S. 

However, the question is; do you even really need a 24 hour insurance cover for your car? 

Who might benefit the most from Cheap 24-hour Car Insurance? 

There are numerous reasons you may need to get temporary car insurance. One of the common scenarios includes when someone owns a car and doesn’t intend to own it for a longer time. They want short-term insurance while searching for the best long-term insurance plan as per their requirements. 

If you borrow someone’s car for an afternoon, you may not need to buy an insurance policy for yourself. However, suppose you are planning to drive it for days or weeks. In that case, it is advisable to get temporary car insurance. Likewise, if you are renting a car from a dealership, you may want to seek a short-term car insurance policy. 

Here are some more instance that can prompt you to get temporary car insurance – 

  • When you’re worried about the liability limits on the car, you’re borrowing, and you want to increase the security with additional insurance
  • When you rent a car that you do not own
  • Borrowing a car from a friend or family member for a prolonged period
  • Driving rental cars on and off on some occasions or for a few months, and you want to use temporary car insurance to dodge high rental company insurance fees
  • Using Car-pooling 
  • You will be driving a car that you do not own 
  • Purchasing a vehicle for a small period and then planning to resell it 

What are the Benefits of Temporary Car Insurance? 

As per AAA, you must have at least minimum car insurance to drive legally. The most significant benefit of this short-term insurance policy is that you will be insured and covered as soon as you complete your payment. 

If you want to borrow, lease, or even purchase a car but don’t have insurance coverage at present, then it is logical that you don’t drive the vehicle at all. If you drive a car without insurance and present a collision risk, it would leave you financially responsible for damages and injuries.

Furthermore, with the help of this cheap instant insurance, you will save lots of money from your pockets. The cost of coverage is altered by state, company, and driver. Luckily, the 24-hour auto insurance prices are as low as $10 per day.

Additionally, you can also use this type of insurance for luxury cars that you don’t often drive and are costly to repair. For example, you buy a Porsche car. This insurance will help you save money on any damages caused by a collision or accident with the help of Porsche car insurance. 

If you are wondering, “How can I find temporary insurance?” we can help you. We at Alias Insurance will help you to find the cheapest insurance plans as per your requirements. Please enter your details and get your cheap temporary insurance quotes with us!