Do Full-Body Vibration Machines Help with Weight Loss?

A full-body vibration machine, also called a vibration plate or platform, employs vibrations to ignite muscle contractions throughout the body. Generally, people perform squats, crunches, or push-ups while these machines vibrate; however, you can stand and still get your muscles in a workout mode. Studies show the vibrations make your muscles work harder, helping people lose fat, build muscle, and promote overall well-being.

In terms of weight loss and muscle gain, body vibration machines are highly effective. Let’s break it down for you.

Health benefits of full-body vibration machines backed by scientific studies

Here’s are some highlights of the latest research:

Weight Loss: A 2019 study examined the potential of whole-body vibration machines for fat loss. It concluded that these machines lead to a significant amount of fat loss after four months of regular use.

Lower blood pressure: A 2012 study explored the effect of vibration training on blood pressure and arterial wall stiffening. After 6 weeks, the people who underwent this training recorded a significant reduction in their systolic blood pressure. The  study concluded that people who can’t perform traditional forms of exercise could undoubtedly benefit from a total body vibration machine.

Improved strength:   Research examined the impact of vibration training on muscle strength compared to traditional training. The results were enlightening for researchers since they noticed a significant improvement in muscle strength and body power.

Better body composition: A recent study examined the potential of vibration training on women who were dieting only, dieting and participating in vibration training, and dieting and performing aerobic exercises. Although all three groups lost body fat, the second and the third group lost more than the first. Therefore, it was concluded that a healthy diet combined with vibration training was as effective as a healthy diet and aerobic program.

How does losing weight on full-body vibration machines work?

When a vibration machine moves, your muscle reflexes contract rapidly. Even though you cannot consciously control it, the process still requires energy and, therefore, burn significant calories. Machines like electromyographs, which measure the electrical activity in your muscles, have confirmed that full-body vibration machines can increase muscular activity and lead to comfortable movements.

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