Do Cigarettes Cause Lung Injuries?


Cigarettes Cause Lung Injuries

Some of us in many ways may think that smoking is a very cool, habit and it doesn’t cause any harm to our body and there is no harm in smoking once or twice in a week just for fun and pleasure, but we are highly mistaken and it may be the biggest misconception conceived by most of the people. Smoking harms nearly every organ of our body and is extremely harmful to our bodies. Regular smoking causes a lot of diseases in our body, it also increases the chances of death rate in most of the smokers, it decreases the regular normal health level of those people who are regular chain smokers.

We may think that quitting smoking by choosing vaping with the cheapest e-liquid UK is a very long and painful process and our body doesn’t react that quickly when we quit smoking but again we are highly mistaken as our body starts to get better almost even after an hour when the last cigarette was consumed, quitting smoking leads us to better and improved healthy lifestyle and it also saves us from different deadly diseases.

Smoking can affect our lives in multiple ways but some of the cases are described below:

Smoking and Lung Disease

  • Smoking can cause different lung diseases by damaging the airways through clean air is transferred into our lungs, it also damages the air sacs which are present in our lungs.
  • Smoking can be harmful to our lungs because it may lead to severe bronchitis in our lungs, it may also cause emphysema due to excessive smoking.
  • Smoking can be extremely dangerous for you if you have asthma because cigarette smoke only triggers asthma attacks which makes it worse than it already is.
  • All types of cancers and especially lung cancer are caused by excessive smoking.
  • Smoking is most likely to increase the death rate in human beings, people who are regular smokers have greater chances to die from bronchitis, emphysema as compared to other non-smokers.

Smoking and Heart Diseases

Smoking is the main cause of different heart diseases

  • People who are regular smokers are most likely to have coronary heart disease as compared to other nonsmokers
  • Smoking is the leading cause of most of the people dying in the USA and UK.
  • Smoking causes the blood vessels to become thinner which stops the regulated blood flow and oxygen through the arteries so most of the smokers are most likely to have cardiovascular disease.
  • Smoking can also increase your blood pressure because due to excessive smoking the blood vessels become narrower, this causes your heart to beat faster and increase the pressure in your heart.
  • Due to smoking, the blood vessels may also get blocked and it may stop the blood flow in our body which may directly lead to death.
  • The blockage of blood and clotting of blood can also directly affect the brain which is a direct cause of instant death.
  • Smoking also increases the chances of stroke in a person who is a regular and excessive smoker.