Do Bananas Cause Weight Gain or Help With Weight Loss?

You might also additionally have heard a few reviews that say bananas cause weight gain, whilst others say that bananas are useful for weight reduction. Who is right, and what do you want to realize in case you’re counting energy?

Those who warn in opposition to ingesting bananas for worry of weight benefit are searching at carbohydrate content material, mainly sugar. Bananas are pretty excessive in sugar, which could flip to frame fats greater speedy than different nutrients. Another motive bananas get a horrific rap is that their calorie remembers better than many different fruits. A cup of apple slices has approximately 60 energy, whilst a cup of banana slices has around one hundred thirty-five energy.

Those withinside the pro-banana camp say the smartly packaged fruit has the right quantity of carbohydrates and energy for a fulfilling and wholesome snack desire. The quantity of sugar isn’t always excessive as compared to maximum sugary snacks—like cookies and candy—and bananas have the brought gain of fiber.

Some human beings even say you may consume an infinite quantity of bananas (or any fruit) and now no longer benefit from weight, for the reason that fruit itself is so properly for you. Fruits are wealthy in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.

The Truth About Bananas

There’s no conclusive proof that do bananas cause weight gain and make you benefit or lose weight. No one meal is liable for weight reduction or weight benefit. Instead, recall your common day-by-day nutrient intake. Weight loss happens whilst you create a calorie deficit, both thru ingesting much less energy, burning greater energy or an aggregate of both.

Bananas may be an extraordinary snack. They are greater filling than many different snack foods, even though perhaps now no longer as plenty as a few different fruit choices. For example, 1\/2 a medium banana has approximately 60 energy and 1. five grams of fiber, while one cup of raspberries has 60 energy and eight grams of fiber. Due to the quantity and fiber content material of the raspberries, they may be greater filling than the banana.

Eating an unmarried banana may be a wholesome snack, however, in case you upload 3 massive bananas on your everyday day-by-day meal intake, you’ll be ingesting greater than 350 greater energy. Whether or now no longer comprise bananas your meal plan will rely on your dreams and if you want bananas.

If you’re certainly seeking to consume a more healthy diet, ingesting a banana (or half of a medium banana that is taken into consideration one complete serving of fruit) may be a terrific manner to reinforce nutrition. Replacing excessive calories, and excessive fats gadgets inclusive of cookies or cake with sparkling fruit like bananas can boom satiety whilst lowering energy.

If you’re seeking to benefit weight, you may recall ingesting a further snack day by day. A banana with peanut butter can boom nutrient-dense energy to attain wholesome weight benefits.

Benefits of Bananas

One medium banana (7 to eight inches long) has approximately one zero five energy, 1\/2 a gram of fats, 27g carbs, 3g fiber, 14.5g sugars, and 1g protein.1

Bananas are chock complete of nutrients. They’ve properly reassessed potassium (for coronary heart health) and nutrition C (an effective antioxidant).

While now no longer commonly taken into consideration a “superfood” like blueberries or broccoli, bananas might also additionally have blessings past being a herbal fruit snack. In one study, day-by-day intake of bananas marginally progressed blood sugar and lipid profiles in human beings with kind 2 diabetes.2

Do bananas cause weight gain?

Go past peel-and-consume with those meal and snack alternatives for bananas.

Oatmeal: Add sliced bananas to your morning oatmeal. You also can mash the fruit and upload it to your oatmeal whilst it cooks. 

Cinnamon-sprinkled: Do bananas cause weight gain and are extraordinary with cinnamon. Just slice one up, dirt it with cinnamon, and experience.

Yogurt: Mix chopped banana into fats-loose simple Greek yogurt alongside a few cinnamons. You also can layer bananas and yogurt with excessive-fiber bran cereal and sliced almonds.

Frozen coins: Many human beings love the feel of frozen bananas. It additionally takes a chunk longer to consume, and because of this, you are much more likely to sense complete by the point you are finished. Top banana slices with no-sugar-brought strawberry yogurt and chopped peanuts earlier than freezing them—it’s like a nutritious, deconstructed banana split.


While bananas may be a wholesome desire in a weight reduction diet, banana chips aren’t. They’re bananas that have been deep-fried and doused in sugar or salt. A 1\/2-cup serving of banana chips has approximately 210 energy and 12.5g of fats. Dehydrated banana slices aren’t fried and therefore have much less fat and energy.

A Word From Verywell

There isn’t always any proof that bananas make contributions to do bananas cause weight gain or weight reduction. Like every other meal, bananas have energy, and energy uploads up. As a wholesome snack, bananas can be greater nutritious than alternatives with the identical wide variety of energy and maybe a wholesome alternative for sugary treats. If you want bananas, experience them as a part of a balanced diet.


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