DIY Mistakes to Avoid During Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpets are expensive and the most prized possession for some of us. You may be spending hours admiring its beauty and willing to take its maximum care. However, when it comes to carpet cleaning Melbourne, even the most careful carpet owners rely on DIY hacks for their carpet maintenance.

DIY hacks are a lifesaver for many; however, not everyone gets an astonishing result. So, why does that happen? Many DIY enthusiasts make a lot of mistakes when cleaning their carpets at home. This doesn’t only give a disappointing result but also damages your carpets.

That’s why we have made a list of DIY mistakes that you must avoid when attempting carpet steam cleaning Perth !

Not Vacuuming the Carpets

Before initiating any cleaning hack, it is important to remove dry dust particles from the carpets. These allergens remain inside the carpet fibres and can easily be removed with vacuuming.

Furthermore, even the professionals initiate their carpet cleaning process with dry vacuuming. So, it is best to follow in their footsteps to get the best results in carpet cleaning.

Vacuuming carpets is not just necessary before cleaning them at home, but also necessary for routine cleaning. You should make sure to vacuum the carpets at least once or twice a week.

Using Any Carpet Cleaning Agent

Don’t buy the first carpet cleaner that you find in the nearest store. Not all carpet cleaners are safe for your carpets. The use of harsh chemical-based carpet cleaners can end up doing more damage to your carpets. Colour fadedness, fibre weakening and colour bleeding may be a few issues that can arise because of the wrong carpet cleaning agent.

When trying carpet cleaning at home, it is important that you invest in an eco-friendly carpet cleaning agent. These carpet cleaners are safe for your carpets and don’t have any side effects. If you have pets at home, consider purchasing a pet-friendly carpet cleaning solution.

Excessive Use of Water

For steam cleaning your carpets usage of a lot of water is not required. Excessive moisture is difficult to remove from the carpets. Further, there is always a risk of mould and mildew growth on the carpets, if they remain wet for over 24 hours.

Therefore, when attempting carpet cleaning at home, it is important that you don’t over-wet the carpets. Maintain a proper distance when using the steam machine. This will help in preventing the over-soaking of the carpets while boosting the drying time.

Ignoring Spot Cleaning of Carpets

Spot cleaning is the second step that needs to be taken care of before steam cleaning carpets at home. If you make the mistake of steam cleaning your carpets before removing the stains, they will spread further making your carpets look extremely dirty.

It is important that you inspect your carpets for stains, and treat them before steam cleaning at home. Treating stains as soon as they occur is the best way of preventing your carpets from staining. However, if there are forgotten stains on the carpets, make sure to treat them beforehand by using DIY hacks or store-bought stain remover.

Rubbing the Carpets

While treating stains from the carpets, many make the mistake of rubbing the fibres. Applying pressure on carpet stains is one big mistake you should avoid at all costs. When it comes to fresh stains, the liquid can easily seep deeper with external pressure.

Dealing with deeply-soaked stains is difficult. Even if you are dealing with old stains, make sure you don’t rub them aggressively. Wet the stains first and use carpet stain removers for the job. Therefore, you should make sure to be gentle when removing stains from the carpets.

Using Colorful Towels

Using colourful towels is a big NO. When blotting the carpet stains, there are chances that the colour of the towels may start bleeding. This can easily get transferred to the carpets, making the situation worse than it was.

No matter, if you are blotting the liquid or applying stain remover on the carpets, make sure you don’t use colourful clothes in either case. Always use white towels for absorbing liquids from the carpets. The use of blotting paper is the best as there’s no chance of colour transfer and bleeding.

Irregular Cleaning

Carpets require routine cleaning and maintenance. You should avoid cleaning them once a year. The dirt accumulation and staining happen regularly leading to bacterial growth.

This does not only make you sick but also makes it difficult to perform DIY cleaning at home. You may not get impressive results, because removing dirt from excessively soiled carpets is difficult.

Here, it is important that you regularly clean your carpets to prevent soiling. All you need to do is vacuum the carpets weekly, treat the stains quickly and avail professional cleaning once or twice a year. Feel free to try DIY cleaning hacks, in between the routine cleaning!

Not Availing Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Relying entirely on DIY carpet cleaning is not the right approach. With DIY carpet cleaning, you can tackle minor problems and keep carpets refreshed. However, with DIY hacks you cannot perform a deep cleaning of your carpets.

Further, some residue is always left behind, as homeowners usually don’t have access to heavy-duty carpet cleaning and extraction machines.

It is important to get a professional cleaning of the carpets so all the dirt, allergens and rigid stains can be removed from the fibres. Professional carpet steam cleaning does not leave any residue behind which makes it the most eco-friendly carpet cleaning method.

Aside from being a green method, the drying time of professional carpet cleaning is low. As the moisture is extracted, your carpets barely take 2-4 hours in drying.

Final Words

If you have been trying carpet steam cleaning Hobart and home and failed to get an impressive result, then these are the mistakes that you need to take care of. Make sure you don’t miss out on annual professional cleaning of the carpets, to keep them fresh and clean throughout the year!