DIY Ideas to Bring Diwali Cheer to Your Home

Happy Diwali! Not long to go now before we can pop out the celebrations, speaking of which, how do you decorate for one of the biggest festivals ever on the Indian calendar? Well, the magnitude of the occasion can get to you. We see many homeowners go overboard with their DIY, some doing too little to stand out, but today we have just the right thing that will help you avoid the fate of both types of people. 

Today, we break down DIY decoration ideas for Diwali that will make your holiday unforgettable. Without further ado, here are some DIY ideas you should take for a spin this Diwali.

  1. Take the antique route with your lighting 

Did you know that Diwali is also nicknamed “the festival of lights”? Well, this sobriquet stems from the primary significance of the holiday, which celebrates the victory of light over evil hence why we light Diyas. 

But you can also choose to be more creative with your light this Diwali, and here are a few ways you could, particularly with antique décor: 

  • Tansy Lantern: Fusing rich history with an ancient festival is always a great idea
  • Horus Vintage lamp: An excellent way to be bold and different in the spirit of Diwali
  • Overhead aglow: Its industrial fitness will add authenticity to your Diwali decor

You can shop for these antique lamps online India at Artisans Rose, where you can get a ton of discount offers plus free shipping for your purchases. 

  1. Harness mood lighting with a special tea light holder

Pulling off a good Diwali party is all about nailing your lighting décor as this is easily one of the most important elements of this holiday. Style up your lighting game with a home tea light holder from Artisans Rose, one that feels contemporarily chic yet perfectly Diwali. 

Tealights are perhaps one of the most popular Diwali lighting décor options. Every other home you’ll visit will have laid out some tea lights to honor the day, which is why you should get the metallic tea light holder to stand apart and bring something extra to your celebrations.  

Beyond Diwali, this tea light holder will also come in handy for other celebrations that come with the close of the year. Moreover, it provides a safe enclosure to ensure you can leave the tea lights on for extended periods without having to worry. 

  1. Use vintage décor for powerful Diwali accents

We’re certain you’ve now gathered a couple of Diwali DIY ideas, but there’s still plenty more where those came from. Let’s now turn our attention to vintage decor as pertains to Diwali. What can you do with vintage? We have plenty of ideas as follows: 

  • Elephant handle napkin ring:  Diwali is synonymous with a lot of celebrations, and with that comes a lot of food and eating. This genuine vintage brass masterpiece is great to hold for holding your napkins while serving a stylish aesthetic purpose.
  • Hekate charpoy holders: You may be lighting a lot of candles this Diwali season. These reclaimed wood candle holders are sure to make a fancy home for all your candles.
  • Vintage bracket on stand: Another excellent Diwali accessory, this gorgeous bracket will provide more eye candy to get your guests chirping this Diwali. 

As always, you can buy these items above and many more at Artisans Rose, your home of India’s finest vintage and antique décor. 

  1. Show your colorful side with alluring cushions

Diwali, in essence, is a festival trademarked by light and color, and there are many ways you can capture this element of the holiday into your home. One simple option at your fingertips is incorporating vibrant cushions to also get your furniture into the Diwali mood. 

A monotonous hue can often become bland. To best turn on the festive cheer, adding multi-colored cushions to your sofa is a bright idea. You could choose a variety of different bright colors in an alternating pattern for your furniture. 

For instance, you can go with orange, yellow, and purple in an alternating sequence for every three pillows. You can buy cushions for the upcoming Diwali on Artisans Rose, but if you already feel confident about the ones you already have, you can always choose to purchase pillow covers as well from the said store. 

  1. Plant a vintage mirror in your living room 

Diwali is synonymous with mood lighting, and vintage mirrors are great for amplifying the lighting and general décor you’ve laid out in your home. They can be used to bounce light around corners, as well as create the illusion of space, which becomes an especially useful feature if your home will be receiving frequent visitors this Diwali. 

But don’t just go for any mirror. Choose one that will complement your wall décor while still offering stand-out qualities. We suggest you consider the Kleio vintage wall frame which brings the following to the table: 

  • Handcrafted uniqueness that makes it an excellent collectible
  • Rustic features that will inject past-century charm into Diwali get-togethers
  • Towering design that will magnify the beauty of any lighting effects around it 

Add beautiful reflections to your home with the Kleio vintage wall frame from Artisans Rose, which will accentuate all your Diyas this festive season. 

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Everyone wants their homes to look extra special this Diwali because no one wants to get left behind with lackluster décor that shows little to no attempt was made. Let these ideas we’ve shared today help you decorate for Diwali like the pro we know you can be. The good news is that our list is far from exhaustive. 

Be sure to browse Artisans Rose website for more ideas around lighting décor, wall décor, and home décor at large, to name a few. Make your home decor the talk of friends and guests when you shop for unique and authentic pieces at Artisans Rose. That said, we wish you and your family the happiest of Diwalis this year and we hope these DIY ideas will go some way to making that a reality. 

Have a great one!