Diwali Exclusive: Tutorial to Level up Beard Game Using Trimmer for Men

While stepping out during the festive season, it’s just not enough to wear your best outfit- the real secret to looking stylish is with the help of well put beard. Around this time of the year when everyone is busy embracing the festive fervor, we make sure to look our best on all occasions; be it Diwali card party or Dhanteras Puja. That’s why besides shopping for the Diwali outfit, people also go through personal grooming to take on the festive season. Speaking of the festive season, it is all about decking up the home and ourselves for the celebrations, however, it also calls for a neat and groomed look.

Grooming does not only make you look presentable and also makes you feel better. With the festivities in the full swing, the biggest dilemma men face is either keeping a beard or trimming it off. If you have been busy with your festive schedule and preparations, and probably haven’t given a thought to your grooming for attending the social events then relax. We have got everything covered for catering to your beard grooming needs using trimmer for men. Read further to find out how you can look your best and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Begin with Basic Cleansing

Every beard is different, and so is the skin that lies beneath that. The key to the ideal skincare it to focus on basic cleansing and the intensity of how often you wash your beard. Even if you take a daily shower, your beard and facial hair need special cleansing especially if it is thick and coarse. Keeping the beard in good condition is very crucial to achieve a healthy appearance, and combating itchiness and flaky skin. Dampen the beard and then take sufficient shampoo in your hands and rub gently on the beard. Rinse it off with plain water till all the dirt and flaky substances get wiped.

Moisturize for Hydration

Another top tip to keep the beard in place is by moisturizing it after washing. Adding the right amount of moisturizer to your overall beard care regime keeps the hair soft, smooth, and free from frizz. It hydrates and protects the beard hair and skin beneath. Well hydrated beard feels softer, itches less, and looks healthier. You can apply beard oil or balm once you are out of the shower to get the maximum result and let it soak for a minute. If needed, can be reapplied during the day as long as your beard feels light, soft and healthy.

Trim to Give a Stylish Look

Men who love keeping beard- fully grown or short have a plethora of options to choose from. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect go-to look to flaunt the festive season, people are likely to get confused. To achieve a certain beard look, always begin with basic cleansing and moisturizing. Once done, spread the product using a beard hair comb and then detangle the hair knots. Now comes the styling part for which you can either trim the beard short with the help of scissors or use a men’s beard trimmer to create styles. You can go for either a short beard style or a long beard look with a well-defined shape.

How often should You Trim and Groom the Beard?

How often one should trim a beard depends on how fast your beard grows. It is best to trim and cut the beard only when it is dry after washing or moisturizing. If you are planning to give your beard and mustache a thorough wash then ensure to trim it first and then hop in the shower to wash off the small hair stuck all over.

If you are looking forward to flaunting your majestic beard look in the upcoming Diwali party, simply follow this basic men’s grooming regime for beard maintenance from the comfort of your home.