Divorced NYC Couple’s Legal Battle Over Child’s Healthcare Costs

Brooklyn, NY – Recent headlines in New York City have spotlighted a fiery legal dispute between prominent dermatologist Dr. Howard Sobel and his attorney wife, Brittney Sobel. The couple’s divorce proceedings, initiated by Brittney, are underscored by a contentious argument over the healthcare costs of their sick daughter.

Turbulent Divorce Proceedings

The crux of the matter lies in Howard’s resistance to monthly child support payments of $25,000, despite his reported wealth of $30 million. Brittney’s legal team, comprising experienced New York Child Support Attorneys, alleges that Howard’s behavior is driven by a need to exert control over her. On the flip side, Howard’s attorneys maintain that Brittney has attempted to extract more than she is rightfully due, a whopping $9.5 million more.

Accusations and Allegations

Adding fuel to the fire, documents suggest that Howard tried to have Brittney arrested on false harassment charges. His actions also allegedly extended to installing surveillance devices in their shared residence. However, the most damning claim from Brittney’s side, supported by her Child Support Attorneys, is that Howard deliberately terminated their daughter’s medical insurance without prior intimation. This move further highlights the gravity of their daughter’s health condition, characterized by gross motor skill delays and hypersensitivity.

Understanding Healthcare Costs in New York Post-Divorce

In the state of New York, determining which parent is held accountable for a child’s healthcare costs after a divorce involves various factors. These typically range from the stipulations of the divorce agreement to legal considerations and court judgments. Healthcare expenses are often categorized under child support obligations.

Using the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA), New York lays down a specific formula that takes into account the combined incomes of both parents and the number of children involved. This methodology establishes a basic child support obligation encompassing essentials such as healthcare costs. For those navigating these intricacies, Attorneys can offer invaluable insights and guidance.

As per the CSSA, healthcare costs span health insurance premiums and any additional unreimbursed medical expenses. These might cover areas such as prescription charges, deductibles, co-pays, and other costs outside the purview of insurance. The responsibility of these costs typically rests on the custodial parent (the one with primary physical custody), while the non-custodial parent is expected to contribute financially.

The allocation of healthcare costs can differ based on the divorce agreement’s conditions or the court’s directives. The primary objective remains the child’s welfare and the equitable division of financial duties based on the parents’ economic standing. To ensure clarity and fairness, it is always recommended for parents to liaise with professionals who have a background in family law, such as the seasoned New York Child Support Attorneys.


Divorce cases, especially those involving the welfare of children, are intricate and emotionally charged. As this high-profile case in New York showcases, even affluent individuals can find themselves embroiled in bitter disputes. The primary takeaway for many is the importance of seeking Brooklyn New York Child Support Attorneys when faced with similar challenges.