Divorce Expo Offers Much-Needed Answers to the Newly Single

In the aftermath of a divorce, you undoubtedly have many questions. Some of these questions likely have to do with more practical issues: What do I do about my finances going forward? What legal issues can arise? Will I have to change my investment strategies? However, you likely have questions that have to do with more personal issues: How will I meet new people moving forward? Is my look in need of a serious update? Am I coping with my anger or sadness over the divorce?

Fortunately, those people asking these important questions may soon be able to find all of their answers under one roof.

Francine Baras, a family therapist, and her daughter Nicole Baras Feuer, a professional mediator, recently decided to host the first of its kind divorce expo in New York City, sponsored by a group of North Carolina divorce lawyers. The mother-daughter team — currently writing a divorce how-to-book — came up with the idea after learning of a similar event held in Paris.

“Bridal magazines are all over the place. There’s no divorce magazine, no divorce community, so a lot of people just rely on information from their attorney,” said Baras Feuer.

What exactly did the two-day divorce expo entail?

More than 40 exhibits were set up for the expo, including booths for divorce attorneys, financial planners, dieticians, anti-aging companies and life coaches to name only a few. Furthermore, guests were given the opportunity to sit in on a variety of panel discussions featuring experts from across the country.

Many attendees seemed to openly embrace the spirit of the gathering, while exhibitors relished the chance to reach new customers.

“People often don’t know the questions to ask about finances when they get a divorce,” said Mark Seruya, a Morgan Stanley financial advisor. “People wind up getting referrals from parents or friends. Your father’s financial adviser might not be the right fit. It’s a fragmented market. We want to be one of the go-to teams in the divorce industry.” Many divorcees end up in debt after the split. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, it may be best to speak with Naperville debt relief.

Given the success of the inaugural divorce expo, both Baras and Baras Feuer have indicated that they would like to expand it to other cities.

“We provide all the resources, information and support you need for going through your divorce and creating your post-divorce family, your post-divorce life,” said Baras Feuer. “If you know the right way to get divorced it can be not so bad.”