Diving Deep into The History of Casual Shoes

People began wearing shoes as far back as 40,000 years ago, long before sneakers ruled the scene. Archaeological and paleo-archaeological data supports this claim. Leather was used to make footwear such as sandals and moccasins. Women and men wore similar-looking shoes just a few thousand years later when the modern shoe emerged.  

Women’s shoes began to differ in style, heel length and design, and colour in the 1800s. Aristocrats wore wooden shoes, whereas commoners wore heavy leather ones. Cloth-topped ones and boots debuted in the fashion world and quickly gained popularity. 

Because businesses thrive on generating as many innovative versions as possible, now is the most significant moment to buy women’s casual shoes. There’s always a good reason to pick up a pair of women’s casual shoes, whether it’s for an upcoming event or simply to brighten your day. Furthermore, shopping for casual shoes for women online today allows you to browse multiple brands at once, and NOVO is the most incredible online platform for purchasing casual shoes. 

You think of comfort when you think about casual shoes. Casual shoes are designed to be adaptable, allowing you to wear them with various outfits. In addition, the shoes should be fashionable and current. Casual shoes are typically solid-coloured with prominent distinguishing elements such as broguing, ornamentation, and other decorations. 

Women’s flats are also commonly encountered in casual shoes. Loafers, ballerinas, sandals, and flats are among the styles available. Some styles, like wedges and petite stilettos, are included in this category. 

Women’s Casual Shoes in Different Styles 

  • Ballerinas 

Ballerinas are the most frequent type of casual shoe and the most comfortable and fashionable. These are incredibly adaptable and come in a variety of colours. They also feature cute bows, delicate broguing, and lovely feminine motifs. 

  • Ballet pumps 

The ballet pump is a stylish and functional alternative to casual, everyday footwear. Ballet pumps are a form of flat slipper shoe that is great for women who want to wear them anyplace. These flexible shoes come in every print, colour, and pattern, from traditional nude to wild animal designs. 

  • Loafers  

The most practical and durable shoe, a loafer for ladies, can be found online on NOVO in various fun patterns. They also come in multiple colours and frequently follow the colour-blocking trend. 

  • Canvas shoes 

Lightweight canvas shoes for women have a sportier look than ballerina shoes, but they’re still an excellent choice for people searching for a casual look. They’re stylish, functional, and come in a multiplicity of colours and designs. Whether you wear jeans, skirts, or palazzo pants, they go perfectly well. For those sunny weekends in the park, printed canvas shoes can also be worn with shorts. 

  • Slip – Ons  

Slip-on is the way to go for running errands. They are quick to repair. They’re simple to put on and fashionable to look at. Slip-on is available in a variety of vivid colours. Platform heels are also open, which take the style to the next level. 

  • Trainers 

Trainers for women are ideal for wearing to the gym or yoga studio or simply as a stylish statement. These are more comfortable and supportive for your feet than any other exercise shoe. When exercising, it’s critical to provide adequate support and padding for your feet. Wearing good athletic shoes will improve your legs, hips, and knees. 

Enjoy a stroll around your neighbourhood garden, a day at the amusement park, a relaxing day of window shopping, or a thrilling sight-seeing expedition. Whatever the circumstance, the shoes you wear are one piece of clothing that may make or ruin your day. It’s just as crucial for women to choose the proper type and form of casual shoes for males to choose the right suit colour. As a result, Novo Shoes offers a variety of casual women’s shoes online. 

Shoes, sandals, stilettos, and sneakers for women and men are all available in a variety of colors and designs in NOVO’s extensive footwear collection. You can find everything that you are looking for. It is high time you re-stack your closet with the best casual shoes for your outings. 

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