Divine Crystal Jewelry for Your Lifestyle

There is arguably no better jewelry than crystal jewelry. Why? Crystal jewelry is not only dazzling, but it also has divine healing properties and spiritual benefits.

Instead of pairing a citrine bracelet with your favorite golden bag, you can pair it with your desire to have a joyful day. Pair those hematite earrings with that pulsing headache and watch it disappear.

Crystal jewelry enlivens your chakras and helps keep you aligned and attracting abundance throughout the day. 

A deeper look into healing jewelry

Crystals themselves have tons of spiritual benefits. But wearing them adds an extra layer of those benefits.

In a nutshell, crystals work with your chakras to remove negative energy and bring in positive energy while promoting healing and elevating your higher consciousness.

Wearing crystal jewelry allows you to raise your vibration. And the higher your vibration is, the more effortless abundance, positivity, and healing comes your way. A high vibration combined with direct intentions makes you almost invincible to low vibrational energy.

What type of crystal jewelry you decide to wear depends on your intentions.

Amethyst: You have a hectic schedule

Amethyst is best known for promoting calmness, serenity, and relieving stress. If your schedule is always filled to the brim, wearing a piece of jewelry with amethyst can help bring soothing energy into your life.

This beautiful violet stone can also help you make decisions more easily. And if you have a busy life, chances are you have a plethora of choices to make daily. Making better decisions can put your mind at ease and help relieve some of that anxiety.

Before you step into the office, make sure you put on an amethyst bracelet or a stunning pair of earrings.

Black tourmaline: You’re prone to bouts of negative thinking

Sometimes we go through periods where a dark cloud seems to be hanging over our heads. Black tourmaline is excellent for pulling out that negativity like a magnet.

This stone is one of the most powerful protection stones because it protects you on every level (spiritual, mental, physical).

If you’re inclined to negative thinking, emotions or constantly in a negative environment, wearing black tourmaline can help you power through those situations with confidence.

Rose quartz: You wear your heart on your sleeve

Rose quartz is most known for its powerful place in romance. While it is a great crystal to gift your love interest, it’s also great to wear for love of all kinds.

Rose quartz brings us self-acceptance and self-love. It helps us thrive in peace and foster compassion. It heals heartache, possessiveness, resentment, and paranoia and brings us gratitude and trust instead.

If you’re highly sensitive, wearing jewelry with rose quartz can help you balance your emotions with a kind and nurturing vibration.

Combination Jewelry

Combining individual crystals can multiply the effects of those crystals. This is a powerful method of manifesting your desires as well as getting the ultimate spiritual protection. Two combinations of healing crystals that can do this are:

  • Jade and Agate for financial security.
  • Hematite, Black Obsidian, and Tiger’s Eye for spiritual protection.

Wealth and abundance

Combining Jade and Agate in your crystal jewelry is a powerful duo to attract wealth, abundance, and financial security. These two stones bring you gradual financial success and protect the wealth you already have.

These are great stones to wear as a businessperson, especially when negotiating deals and signing contracts.

Powerful spiritual protection

Black Obsidian works similarly to black tourmaline by absorbing negative energy. Meanwhile, Hematite helps to ground you, turning low vibrations into higher vibrations. And Tiger’s eye protects you from outside influences. It shields you from the deceitful intentions of others.

Wearing this trio in situations where you’re wary of other’s intentions can be of great benefit to your spiritual well-being.


Crystal jewelry isn’t just beautiful to gaze at. Depending on your lifestyle, these divine stones can help you get through the toughest parts of your day with ease and shield you from the negativity threatening the well-being of your consciousness.