Distinguished RN joins the 910AM Superstation radio host lineup as the first Registered Nurse through her new talk radio show “Nurse Charms LIVE”

Charmaine Bond AKA “Nurse Charms” is launching her new, trending, radio talk show in celebration of her brand  “Nurse Charms” ®️  becoming a Registered Trademark.

Nurse Charms has spent over 20 years in her nursing career with a passion and dedication for helping individuals understand what is happening with their body in simpler terms.

Nurse Charms says, “there is a lot going on in the world right now as hundreds of people are diagnosed with medical illnesses daily. My show, Nurse Charms LIVE, gives people hope for the future by sharing the latest news & treatments in health and medicine”.

Nurse Charms works in the hospital’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) managing the health of patients dealing with heart attacks, open heart surgery, gunshot trauma, massive blood transfusion, etc. She is proud to use her radio show as a platform to talk about health issues for 910AM Superstation’s 50,000 watt listening audience. She is a trusted healthcare professional with a high-caliber reputation. There will be a cadre of medical professionals featured as in-studio guests to speak about real-life patient scenarios and case studies to educate the listeners and answer caller questions. Nurse Charms goal is to raise an awareness to the listeners and assist everyone on their journey to good health and wellness.

WHEN: Sundays from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m.

WHERE: 910AM Superstation Radio

20733 West 10 Mile Rd,

Southfield MI 48075

910 AM Superstation can also be streamed on iHeart Radio, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, GOOGLE Chromecast, Apple TV, TuneIn Radio and www.910AMSuperstation.com

For more information, follow @Nurse Charms on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You may also visit CallNurseCharms.com

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