Distinctions between free and paid proxies

Proxy services are versatile for many purposes

many people of various ages prefer to use them during their work on the Internet. Many paid and free options exist, but which of them deserves more attention, and why is it risky to use another one? Read below the reason to buy proxies for Facebook instead of using free extensions.

Proxy service – how does it work

Proxy services are mediators between the users and the web hosts. avatar2engsub They stand in between their data exchange to protect the one who uses the services (both an Internet user and a web host can be a customer of a proxy provider – these proxies are called forward and reverse, respectively).

Proxy services encrypt the valuable data from being intercepted or used and modify the other info necessary for the interaction to happen. One of the key pieces of data to modify is the IP address – the fundamental detail that a proxy operates with.

What do people use proxies for

By using your IP address, proxy services allow people to:

Control your activities on the Internet. If you work in the office, your computer may have some limits in the point of which websites you can visit – this is your IP address banned to pass to certain sources.
Help avoid location-based restrictions. If some hosts do not connect with the IPs from your location, using a proxy server helps change your IP (consequently, the location). Thus, you can visit the website, access to which is normally forbidden.
Anonymize your activities. If you often visit particular sources for professional purposes, the frequency of your IP connecting to a web host is visible to the website owner. In some situations, it can be suspicious and cause problems. Changing your IP helps hide your activities and thus helps you avoid unnecessary worries.
Other features of proxy services include:

Enhancing speed and overall network performance. If a service is used for an office network, proxies can improve the speed due to caching function and saving bandwidth.
Protecting your data. When you visit some sources regularly, you often use some personal information to work on a platform. To protect it, proxy services encrypt the data that is transmitted in a request.
Realizing the range of applying proxies, you can better understand the significance of finding a reliable service.

The risks of using free services

Among the risks of using free proxies, the most substantial are:

poor investment in backend development and hardware may result in a poor connection and service quality;
the service may not actually provide the claimed features (particularly, encryption);
your data may be saved locally – on the servers your requests pass through.

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