Display Boxes and Other Types of Cardboard Box Styles to Know

The demand for packaging boxes have increased as all the product based businesses are using cardboard boxes. Due to the high demand, companies are now bringing innovation in the packaging boxes by introducing new and creative styles of boxes. One of those innovative style is the design of Display Boxes that has made product showcasing so easy and convenient. They are perfect for promotion as well as for displaying multiple sampling products. They can be printed and are customizable as well, so new companies can take maximum benefits out of them. Apart from cardboard displays, there are other styles and designs of boxes that are used for product packaging. If you are looking for other creative styles of boxes, then do not forget to read the article till the end.

Pillow Boxes

Pillow shaped boxes have a very unique design and shape as they do not have a flat base and tuck end opening and closing. Pillow boxes are a common box style for gift packaging and are famous among the cosmetic, apparel and retail industry. They pack their promotional as well as old items and sell them with more appeal and confidence because pillow boxes boos the energy of their product with exciting presentation. Furthermore, these pillow boxes can be decorated for gift packaging with the help of laces and embellishing add-ons. They have die cut window on the front panel that allows the customers to have a sneak peek inside the boxes without opening the box. Plus the boxes can be easily customized to different sizes on demand and provides a unique packaging solution.

Gable Boxes

Another example of stylish packaging using cardboard is the gable boxes. This unique and creative style of packaging boxes is very common in gift industry as well as in food industry. They also have a die cut window that look fancy and gain customer attention quickly. A handle on the top of the boxes is very common and every product manufacturer design gable boxes with handle to make them look attractive and to easily carry heavy items. Another advantage of these boxes is that they are spacious, this is why they are suitable for food packaging and perfect for gifts as well. They are widely used for candies and chocolate packaging in events like Christmas, wedding and birthdays.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve and tray style boxes are very unique and protects the product for a longer period of time. These sleeve boxes can be printed and customized to the dimension and design of the product. This is why a number of manufacturers like to get sleeve boxes for their edible products as well as gift items. The best thing about sleeve boxes is that they can be made from cardboard as well as from rigid material. When they are used for packaging of match sticks, donuts and pastries, then cardboard material is used. On the other hand when gifts are packed in them then rigid material is preferred over cardboard.

Mailer Boxes

Shipping the products to the customers is very important for a business. This is why a number of companies are delivering products to their customers in other states and countries to make maximum benefits. They use mailer boxes for sending their products as they provide safety, security and all the benefits that a manufacturer demands. Mailer boxes are designed with ear lock that are locked at the sides of the boxes. Corrugated material is used for making mailer boxes and have all the strength to bear the weight of heavy shipping items.

Mailer boxes can do the job of salesman for a brand when they are printed with the logo, trademark and with the features of their product. The can be customized as postage boxes for various courier companies and can be very handful for them. For branding and marketing purposes, companies can use these boxes to deliver their products to the subscribers monthly. Plus, they are a smart choice for mailing documents safely and without any risk. Hence these cardboard boxes are perfect for shipping plenty of products.

Flap Boxes

Flaps are used in almost all the packaging boxes except the pillow, gable and sleeve boxes. These kind of boxes are widely used for the packaging of retail items and are commonly used for shipping products from one place to another. Large flap boxes are made from corrugated material and have a cube shape that can be large or small. Shipping flap boxes have 4 flaps, 2 inner and 2 outer flaps and the reason for having these flaps is to make the box secure for the packaging product. All these flap boxes are sealed with adhesives and tapes after packing products in them and are then loaded onto the containers for shipping.

Other flap boxes includes the small tuck end boxes, pharmaceutical boxes, frozen food boxes and numerous styles of bakery boxes. All the flap boxes are customizable and printed for branding and marketing as well. You can make Bath Bomb Boxes with flaps and design any structure that according to your demand. As a retail product manufacturer, these boxes provides the platform to display, package and store the products effectively.


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