Discovering the Hidden Gems of Nepal on the Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek

Nepal has majestic mountains, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes. Nepal has something for everyone, from the towering peaks of the Himalayas to bustling cities full of vibrant markets and temples. But if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path adventure that takes you through pristine wilderness and remote villages, look no further than the Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek. These hidden gems offer a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion, leaving you awe-inspired at every turn. So buckle up your boots, grab your backpacks, and get ready to discover Nepal’s best-kept secrets!

How to travel to Nepal?

Nepal has endless possibilities, from the world’s highest mountain peak—Mount Manaslu—to the lush valley floors of Upper Mustang and Kathmandu’s fascinating culture and history. Here are four ways to explore this wonderful country on your next trip: 

1) The Manaslu Circuit: This popular trek starts in Pokhara and follows the scenic 14-day route up Mount Manaslu, one of the seven summits in the world over 8000 meters in height. Along the way, you will pass through some of Nepal’s most stunning landscapes, including forests, high peaks, and glacial valleys. 

2) The Upper Mustang Trek: This journey takes you deep into remote villages in Upper Mustang, one of Nepal’s least explored regions. You’ll experience traditional lifestyle and culture as you hike through narrow trails and high mountains. Highlights include a visit to an ancient monastery and an opportunity to see rare wildlife such as wild yak and leopard. 

3) The Annapurna Circuit: This 12-day trek leads from Thamel in Kathmandu to Machhapuchare (8167m), one of the world’s most challenging climbs. Along the way, you will explore some of Nepal’s most dramatic landscapes, including glaciers, snow-capped peaks, and misty valleys. 

The Manaslu Circuit Trek

The Manaslu Circuit Trek is a popular trekking route in Nepal that connects the villages of Lukla, Namche Bazaar, and Khumbu. The circuit offers stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas and is home to some of the most iconic mountains in Nepal – Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Makalu, and Lhotse.

Along the way, you’ll visit colorful villages and charming tea estates, explore glaciated peaks and hidden valleys, and get close to nature on one of the world’s most famous hiking trails. The Manaslu Circuit will inspire wanderlust in all travelers who experience it.

If you’re looking for an epic adventure that will take your breath away, look no further than the Manaslu Circuit Trek!

The Upper Mustang Trek:

The Upper Mustang Trek is a popular hiking route in the Annapurna region of Nepal. The route begins in Manang and travels through the beautiful mountain ranges of the Himalayas before ending in Pokhara. The hike is challenging but rewarding, with stunning views of the Annapurna mountains and the Hindu Kush range.

Several trekking agencies offer customized treks on the Upper Mustang Trek. Some popular highlights include the Langtang National Park and the glaciers of Langtang Valley. Many travelers combine their trekking trip with a visit to Kathmandu or Pokhara, easily accessible from Manang.

The Upper Mustang Trek passes through some of Nepal’s most beautiful and remote regions, making it an ideal destination for hikers looking for an adventurous and inspiring journey.

The Highlights of the Manaslu Circuit Trek and Upper Mustang Trek:

The Manaslu Circuit Trek and Upper Mustang Trek are two amazing itineraries that will take you to some of Nepal’s most stunning and remote regions.

The Manaslu Circuit trek journeys through Nepal’s most dramatic and beautiful landscapes. Starting from Lukla, you’ll travel along the Annapurna Circuit, crossing over glaciers and descending into the tropical rainforest before arriving in Kathmandu. Along the way, you’ll see some of the country’s most iconic sights, such as Mount Everest (8,848 meters/29,029 feet high), Namche Bazaar, and Tharpu Chuli National Park.

The Upper Mustang Trek is another popular trek that takes you to some of the most picturesque villages in the Nepali Himalayas. Starting from Katmandu, you’ll journey through forests and peaks before reaching Mulbu village at 5,474 meters (17,598 feet). From here onwards, it’s all downhill as you go to Banke and Bardia National Park. The villages along the way are pristine examples of traditional Nepali life, with views that will leave you breathless.

Things to Know Before You Go on a Manaslu Circuit Trek or Upper Mustang Trek:

The Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek are two of Nepal’s most popular trekking routes. But before you go, there are a few things you need to know.

  • First, make sure you have the right gear. You’ll need good shoes, sturdy walking boots, appropriate clothes (including a warm coat in winter), and a reliable map and compass. 
  • Second, be aware of weather conditions. The high altitude can make for chilly nights and windy days, so be prepared for both. 
  • And finally, remember that these trails are remote and unforgiving – take care when hiking alone or in small groups.

If you’re ready to explore some of Nepal’s most rugged terrain, the Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek are perfect options.

What to Expect on the Manaslu Circuit Trek and Upper Mustang Trek?

The Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek are two of the most popular treks in Nepal. Both trips offer stunning mountain scenery, incredible temples, and warm Nepalese hospitality.

When planning your trip, it’s essential to keep in mind that these trails can be challenging. The Manaslu Circuit is a demanding 8-day hike that climbs over 4,500 meters (14,000 feet). The Upper Mustang trek is also a long hike—11 days—but it’s more moderate, with an elevation gain of only 2,800 meters (9,000 feet).

Both treks are well worth the effort. You’ll get to see some of Nepal’s most iconic sights and experience this beautiful country’s unique culture and people.

Tips for Surviving a Manaslu Circuit Trek or Upper Mustang Trek:

If you’re looking for an exciting adventure outside the mainstream tourist destinations and want to see some of Nepal’s lesser-known natural treasures, then a trek on the Manaslu Circuit or Upper Mustang Trek is perfect. Here are a few tips to help make your journey smoother: 

1. Research your chosen trek thoroughly before departing. Many different routes are available, so it’s essential to research which would be best for you. Check out a trip advisor or other online resources for reviews of specific treks to get a good idea of what to expect. 

2. Prepare appropriately before setting off on your trekking adventure. Ensure you have enough food and water, appropriate clothing and equipment (including sturdy boots), and a map of the area you’ll be traversing. Bring a flashlight if necessary, as darkness can quickly fall in the mountainous regions of Nepal. 

3. Travel with someone reputable who knows the area well. It’s essential to travel with someone familiar with the trails in question, as cliffs and treacherous terrain often can easily sideline even experienced hikers. Never hike alone! 


If you’re looking for an intense trekking experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and awestruck, checking out the hidden gems of Nepal on the Manaslu Circuit and Upper Mustang Trek is worth your time. With stunning landscapes, friendly locals, and challenging trails, these treks offer something for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just getting started in the hiking world, I recommend giving them a go!