Discover Zimbabwe on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Travellers

Discover Zimbabwe on a Budget: Money-Saving Tips for Travellers

Zimbabwe is a great destination for those who love African safaris. You can explore the country on a budget by following some efficient tips and tricks. The best time to visit is during the dry season, from May to October.

Many people dream of exploring different parts of the world, but for some, budget constraints get in the way. Thankfully, there are various money-saving tips that can help travellers figure out how to reach their desired destination without breaking the bank. For example, if you’re interested in experiencing an African safari in Zimbabwe, you can start your budget trip by finding affordable flights from London to Zimbabwe.

Money-Saving Tips for Travellers to Explore Zimbabwe 

Below are some of the most helpful money-saving tips to discover Zimbabwe on a budget. 

Avoid Travelling during the Peak Season

The peak season of any destination means the highest rates for everything, including flights, hotels, activities, and everything else. As many people travel to the region during this time, flights get expensive, and tourist attractions and hotels try to earn more. 

Therefore, if you have a strict budget, you should plan to travel during the destination’s off-season. Travelling during the low-demand season helps you save a lot of money on all the services and activities. So, keep your travel dates flexible to get the perfect discounts. 

Set Your Budget 

Travelling can cost much more than you had imagined. Most travellers usually overspend at the destination as they lose track of their money or budget. Therefore, if you have a strict budget, you must ensure that you set up your budget before you start planning your journey. You must decide beforehand how much you can spend on the destination. 

You can add up the estimated costs of different services and activities. Ensure you limit the amount of money you can spend on a particular service or activity. This will help you have a smooth, in-budget travelling experience. 

Avail of the Seasonal Discounts

If you travel to Zimbabwe during the off-season, you will see many seasonal discounts on everything. If you plan to visit the region during December, you might experience some unpleasant weather conditions or unimpressive. 

Victoria Falls, but you can have a less-crowded safari experience. You can even go bird watching during this time. The good thing is that you will get seasonal discounts on almost everything from the flights and hotels to all the activities at the destination. This will enable you to ideally discover Zimbabwe on a budget. 

Find a Cheap Accommodation

Getting cheaper accommodation is very important if you have a strict budget. Self-catering accommodations are more reasonable than hotels. So, if you don’t mind being deprived of hotel perks like in-house eateries and swimming pools, you can go with self-catering accommodation. The amount of money that you will be able to save this way will surely stun you.

You can always avail of the luxurious hotel services without staying at the hotels too. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can go to your nearest restaurant or hotel to have a meal. Most hotels also allow you to swim and avail of their spa services, especially if you travel during the off-season. 

Use Public Transportation

The best way to save money on transportation once you are at the destination is by using public transport. Even though you can get taxis and Uber almost everywhere in the world, the fare they charge is much higher than that charged by public transportation. 

Public transport is much cheaper and the most convenient way to travel around the destination. So, if you have booked your London to Harare flights, you will travel to Zimbabwe soon. Make sure to travel around the region through public transport to save money. 

Find Free Activities 

Many activities in Zimbabwe might have some tickets. But there are always some free activities in all of the destinations. These activities include museum visits and park picnics. You can easily explore the destination through these activities and maximise your time there. 

You can browse such activities and places online once you are at the destination. This will enable you to make memories at the destination without spending money. It will be perfect for you if you want to discover Zimbabwe on a budget. 


Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with a lot to offer to its tourists. It has the ideal African safari, the most impressive and stunning Victoria Falls, birdwatching opportunities, and much more. So, if you want to discover Zimbabwe on a budget, you will need proper planning and a lot of research to do so. Make sure you plan your journey at the ideal time to take advantage of the special deals and discounts.