Discover When To Perform Which Type Of Stretching

Stretching is crucial for your body’s muscles and mind. It reduces the chances of injury and also keeps you calm throughout the day. Stretching has many other benefits, as mentioned below-

  • Release stiff muscle
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve workout performance
  • It makes your body flexible

Everybody knows the importance of stretching, but a few know the correct method. Stretching could leave you perplexed if you don’t know when to stretch and how to stretch.

Many personal fitness trainers Raleigh NC let their clients perform this stretching after discussing it with the client’s doctor.

Many get confused on whether to stretch pre or post-workout. If you don’t know the type of stretching exercise, you probably also don’t know when to perform which type of stretching.

Discover The Various Type Of Stretching And When To Perform It

Active Stretching

Active stretching improves the flexibility of your body if you hold a position for a certain period. There is no external force in active stretching, although you can use a prop if you wish.  

Many studies have suggested that active stretching is performed after exercise; performing it pre-workout will hamper your performance.

Passive Stretching

Unlike active stretching, passive stretching requires external force. It also involves holding a position. However, your partner or any object must provide a pull to the body. It is a resistance pull that relaxes muscles and connective tissue of the body.

Passive stretching helps when a person is recovering from an injury and can’t perform the exercise. This type of stretching improves the balance of the body and removes muscle fatigue.

Dynamic Stretching

A body movement is performed in a dynamic type of stretching. The movement helps the body perform the exercise well, such as a leg-based warm out before leg exercise. Similarly, a swimmer performs a hand swing before swimming.

You can perform dynamic stretching for five to ten minutes before starting an intense workout.

Ballistic Stretching

Ballistic stretching is intense stretching and is quite famous for athletes. Many people get baffled between ballistic and dynamic stretching. Ballistic stretching differs from dynamic stretching as it involves bouncing and jerking along with body movements. 


Everyone can foster the healthy practice of stretching. It recharges your body and mind and lets you perform better in life. If you don’t feel confident in performing stretching by yourself, seek advice from a trainer whom you can find in any nutrition and wellness center in Raleigh NC.


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