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A few years ago, who would have thought that e-commerce would revolutionize shopping? The idea of buying books online seemed like a far-fetched dream for many. Physical and in-store shopping was how tourists visiting Nepal used to shop till they dropped from Books Mandala’s vast collection. Whether it was rare books, international bestsellers, boxed set collections, spiritual books, religious texts, comics, or coffee table books, visitors were amazed by the value they could get. Tourists would often go gaga over the prices, thanks to the lower Maximum Retail Price (MRP) for books published for sale in the Indian subcontinent. They would eagerly fill their limited luggage with these literary treasures or request Books Mandala to ship their purchases back home. The thrill of discovering such great and wonderful books was one of the highlights of shopping in Nepal.

Today, e-commerce has transformed this experience, offering book lovers worldwide unprecedented independence and convenience. No longer confined by geographical boundaries or luggage limits, customers from across the globe can quickly and efficiently place orders for books from Books Mandala. With secure payment options and a streamlined checkout process, acquiring these alluring books is just a few clicks away.

Books Mandala’s online platform brings its unique and carefully curated collection to a global audience. The store’s reputation for rare and exclusive finds is well-deserved. Their selection includes everything from out-of-print editions and limited runs to exquisite coffee table books that capture the majesty of the Himalayas.

“Our mission has always been to connect readers with books that matter,” says a company spokesperson. “We want to provide more than just books; we offer pieces of art, slices of history, and sources of profound inspiration.” Unlike the impersonal, algorithm-driven selections of larger online retailers, Books Mandala prides itself on a distinctly human touch. Each book is handpicked for its quality, relevance, and rarity, ensuring that every purchase is a journey into the heart of literature.

Books Mandala’s commitment to authenticity and fair pricing remains unwavering. By sourcing directly from renowned publishers, the bookstore guarantees that every book is genuine and sold at the MRP for the Indian subcontinent. This often means that, even with international shipping costs, buying from Books Mandala can be more economical than other options.

Books Mandala operates two physical stores in Nepal, located in Pokhara and the capital city, Kathmandu. While these stores are popular among locals and tourists alike, most sales are international. The ability to find rare books at such good prices drives a significant portion of Books Mandala’s global customer base.

Books Mandala fosters a vibrant community of book lovers both in Nepal and internationally through its social media platforms and Discord server. The world has become a smaller place as different readers are connected. Books Mandala sells books in various languages, predominantly in English, allowing a diverse readership to find their next favorite book. For Nepali people settled in different parts of the world, Books Mandala’s robust platform and social media presence offer access to Nepali books, maintaining a connection to their cultural roots.

Books Mandala is not just a haven for physical books. The team is actively working on distributing e-books and audiobooks through the website, making it a comprehensive hub for all kinds of readers. The website features an impressive search function and user-friendly interface, enhancing the shopping experience.

Books Mandala also offers B2B and wholesale services, supporting retail bookstores, online stores, schools, libraries, and other institutions. These services provide extensive access to their diverse catalog at competitive rates, ensuring that quality books reach a wider audience. Since its founding in 1992, Books Mandala has been committed to providing original and authentic books to customers. By partnering with hundreds of respected national and international publishers, the bookstore maintains direct relationships that enable them to offer an extensive range of literary works.

As Books Mandala continues to grow, its mission remains unchanged: to bring the world’s most unique and rare books to those who appreciate them. In a market dominated by convenience, Books Mandala stands out as a sanctuary for book lovers, proving that there is still a place for quality, rarity, and the timeless pleasure of reading. E-commerce has indeed revolutionized shopping, and for book lovers, Books Mandala offers a gateway to the extraordinary. For those who seek more than just a bestseller, this is where their literary journey begins.

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