Discover the Next Big Names in The World Of Art: 3 Emerging Artists Blue Gallery Recommends


As one of the most powerful mediums of expression – art captures the essence of an artist’s imagination and emotions. Humans have the innate desire to express their feelings and relate them to their surroundings. Creating art or submerging your consciousness in artwork that resonates with your sense of being – elevates one’s mood and makes your personal space truly yours.

The amalgamation of new technologies and techniques with traditional painting practices has recently transformed the art world. As a result, we are witnessing a plethora of a new generation of talented artists pushing the boundaries of traditional painting techniques and styles to create a unique visual language.

As the most diverse fine art gallery in Delray Beach, Florida, Blue Gallery strives to march to the beat of evolving art trends. We have created this blog post to dive deeply into the art world and introduce you to three emerging artists changing the artistic landscape. These artists are breaking the stereotypes by experimenting with new styles and producing thought-provoking artworks that leave a lasting impression.

So, join us as we explore the art world and meet the next big names in painting.

Artist 1: Calman Shemi


Calman Shemi, originally from Mendoza, Argentina, is a renowned sculptor and painter. His artistic exploration began in 1939 when he played with sculptures and paints. He harnessed his technical skills and uniquely developed painting techniques that he acquired from the School of Sculpture and Ceramics in Mendoza to curate never-seen-before original artworks.

Treading into pottery and sculpture at the ripe age of 13, Calman Shemi developed a fondness for the techniques. Under the guidance of Italian-Argentinian sculptor Libero Badii, Shemi nurtured his artistic spirit that has been reflected in his work for the past 67 years – his entire artistic career.

While Calman Shemi found his passion in sculpting, his deep-rooted desire to develop new techniques resulted in extraordinary paintings. Breaking the shackles set by traditional painting methods, Calman Shemi began his exploration of new artistic mediums and methods. It led to the development of original techniques- lacquer, soft, and window paintings.

Painting Style and Techniques

Calman Shemi, a pathfinder, constantly researches to develop new techniques using different materials. He strives to reflect his optimism and appreciation of beauty in his original artworks.

  • Soft Paintings

Calman Shemi introduced the world to a new technique – Soft painting and for years to come, he was the only one in the world to use it. Starting with a colored drawing, he would layer fabrics of different textures and shapes and interlock them with the background using a threadless 9000-needle sewing machine. A visual treat, Calman Shemi’s artworks display a skilled blend of colorful materials, creating a symphony of vibrant colors.

  • Lacquer Paintings

Lacquer paintings use colorful paints on a wooden or metallic panel adorned with a gold or silver leaf. Once the paint is entirely dried, Shemi layers lacquer to the board, which adds luminance and a glowing effect. He takes a meticulous approach and hand-polishes each piece to give it a unique shiny look.

  • Window Paintings

Window paintings are designed to fulfill a person’s natural curiosity, allowing us to explore the outside world without leaving our personal space. Calman Shemi starts his window paintings with a wooden box and paints the inside of it. He attaches a hand-made wooden frame to the box, which creates the illusion of looking through a window.

The frame is then gilded with gold or silver leaves with numerous layers of lacquer, using his lacquer painting technique. Calman Shemi’s window paintings offer a clear distinction between the outside and the inside, resulting in a beautifully complex painting that mesmerizes one.

Artist 2: Lior Ron


Sensual, erotic, and flirtatious, Lior Ron’s paintings are bound to raise a few eyebrows. But, Lior’s artworks are a sure-shot thirst quencher for true art enthusiasts. Lior Ron is an impressionist and modern painter that leverages a mix of bright, bold colors with graphics. Sophistication with a drizzle of adult humor, Lior exhibits his fascination with the female form through his artworks inspired by elegant influences.

Painting Style and Techniques

  • Impressionism

When depicting the sensual female form in an impressionist artwork, Lior Ron uses loose brushstrokes to accentuate the softness and curves of the female body. His paintings create a dreamlike and romantic atmosphere with vibrant and pastel colors emphasizing the softness and delicate beauty of the female figure.

Capturing grace and elegance, Lior depicts the female form in motion. His artworks feel like stolen magical moments brimming with intimacy and sensuality. Lior Ron’s impressionist artwork uses a careful play of light and shadow to add depth and dimension. A romantic celebration of femininity, Lior’s artwork captures fleeting moments of timeless beauty and grace.

  • Modern Art

Lior’s modern artworks utilize various techniques and styles to create captivating pieces of the sensual female form. The bold modern paintings by Lior Ron proudly emphasize the curves of the female body. His elegant influences and vibrant and contrasting colors create a dynamic and eye-catching composition. Lior Ron’s art instills a dreamlike and otherworldly atmosphere, leaving art enthusiasts in a trance.

Artist 3: Adriana Naveh


A professional painter for 20 years, Adriana Naveh, was born in Mendoza, Argentina. Her artwork comprises colorful, abstract urban landscapes and is made with a unique technique using aluminum plates slathered with lacquer, which amps its brightness and delivers a modern luminescent look.

As an immigrant, she has always been curious about finding a man’s interior place in his environment. Her fascination with urban architecture can be seen in her artwork. Her sophisticated use of colorful paints with the coldness of aluminum showcases the essence of urban dynamics. In the calm chaos we all experience in our mundane lives, Ariana delivers the perfect mixture of freedom and order, inducing spiritual introspection.

Painting Style and Techniques

  • Lacquer painting

Adriana uses a unique painting technique to depict abstract urban landscapes on an aluminum surface. She then imposes multiple layers of lacquer to add depth and luminescence to her artwork that captivates the onlookers.


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