Discover the new you: Influence the Social Media 

The world has been at rest since March. This global pandemic has compelled us to stay out and mostly out of work. But like every other bad guy, the corona has brought some good to us.  This endless period of leisure and social media scrolling helped many of us to discover and develop a newer side of us. Some started painting, some blew the internet with their musical voice.  But the most we got to see is how to become a social media influencer.   

How on Earth Do I Become an Influencer?  

 Influencing people is great art.  Mastering it took years before. But nowadays the world is on our smartphone itself. Not to mention, with engaging features to keep millions of audiences hooked. All you need to grab attention here is to present something unique, different, and worth the time. Something you are best at.  Be it singing, dancing, art, or interaction with viewers.  Once you hit the right nerve, you’ll start a trend yourself. Overnight there’ll be likes, comments, shares, and you’ll be the next brand everyone talking about. 

Some More Tips to Stand Out:  

  1. Find Your Niche first:

  Opportunity is big here, so is the competition. So, if you want people to know your name, serve them your best.  Before posting and boosting, find something you’re good at. Because that’ll help you to keep going on with the topic. You’ll never run out of ideas to present.   

2. Work on Yourself, Regularly: 

 Being interested is not enough. You might just create a hype with a newbie attempt.  But to keep the audience hooked up to your profile, you need to improve yourself regularly.  Practice, practice, and practice before presenting. Because that will reflect on your output. We all love to see flawless stuff on our screen.  

  1. Post regularly for better engagement: 

  Continuous efforts are never wasted.  Have patience and keep doing what you do. Slow and steady wins the race always.  It does not mean you have to post three times a day or every day.  But make a schedule and stick to that. If you post an article a week, use all the time to make it worth it and post it on time. This will help you to get some regular, loyal audience. 

4. Do Not Copy ever: 

  This piece of advice is something you need to follow if you are an aspiring influencer or budding social media favorite. There are so many options nowadays, people will most probably catch their previous list or already ranked stars to know about a topic.  Why would they choose you? Give them a reason.  Present something they have never seen before. Even if you do something similar to others, find a way to present it differently.  

  1. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others:

Knowing your strength and weakness is a must.  This will help you to grow. But the constant comparison with some others will eventually depress you. If you keep counting views and likes most likely before growing a fan base, you’ll grow depression.  Remember you’re just starting and carryminati has been ruling youtube for years. Response to his content and yours will never be the same at first.   


 There is no rule book for success. No one can assure you fame but yourself. These are just the basics you need to follow to create a platform of your own. If you’re already on it, keep going.  These tips will help you to be on the right track. So Use this time wisely.  Invest your time on something you love. Because when your passion becomes a profession it brings the best results.