Discover Mallorca post COVID-19

As countries have accelerated the vaccination process and the COVID cases drop, the world is opening up. It is summer and the perfect time to go on a vacation. There is no better place than Spain for your summer retreat; the aesthetic and beauty of Spain make it one of the best places for visiting and making incredible memories. The interesting thing about Spain is its islands, particularly Mallorca Island, which is a majestic beauty. You should probably pack your bag, get ready for your Spanish summer and book your Mallorca villa rental. Here is all you need to know to discover the island in its glory.

Is it safe for travel?

Mallorca has been declared safe to travel and spend your vacations at. Now that there is a greater percentage of people who have access to Covid-19 vaccination. You are still supposed to maintain standard protocols like open restaurants, low crowd gatherings, etc. However, you should confirm whether the country you are travelling from has eased travel restrictions or not and what is the Covid-19 situation in your country. That is likely to be the only barrier in your way of going to Mallorca. You would still have to get a PCR test done beforehand to test for the virus, and its negative report is your entry ticket to Mallorca. Masks and early curfews would still be imposed to contain the situation as much as possible while tourists get to have a pleasant and safe stay.

When should you book your stay?

There is only one answer to this is to do it as soon as possible. It is important to note that restriction on crowds also means fewer bookings being accepted than usual. You would also want to join different activities when you go there, and you can only do so if you are booking early.

Go creative with selecting tourist spots

Avoiding large crowds may be a good idea, and you can detract yourself from usual things to do and places to visit, to actually go around exploring the island differently. Go to the places you would have usually never gone to, meet locals, and discover more about the local culture.

What to visit

When we talk about Mallorca, we are talking about a celebration of culture and European beauty that can be seen through its architecture. The Castle and Cathedral are easily the top most favourite places for anyone to visit. The old town of Alcudia is another breathtaking place to visit, and it is bound to remind you of shows you have watched about medieval times. The monastery of Valldemossa is another historic and scenic beauty that you would not want to miss when you visit Mallorca. The town Arta, surrounded by all sorts of natural beauty, is a must-see, and apart from its natural beauty, the town is also home to a Michelin star restaurant. Small Villages and towns like Deia and Petra as well as others have so much to offer to tourists, from museums to top-quality restaurants and appreciation for nature which is a delight to look at.


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