Discover how an optimized WiFi landing page can provide more customer insights!

If you are currently offering your consumers or guests free WiFi to use in your location, you already have a leg up on much of the competition! Do you know how many people choose to visit a coffee shop or restaurant solely based on the fact they can stay connected or remotely work without having to sign-up for an internet plan or pay for an hour’s worth of internet?

Using WiFi in a public space helps improve your consumer retention, marketing, and overall consumer experience by creating a seamless and comprehensive internet connection. Offering free WiFi is an excellent way to bring in new people and keep consumers coming back for more. 

Let’s see how you can optimize your WiFi landing page to bring in more consumers and drive sales! You can click here and let us at Bloom Intelligence to give you more insights on Wifi marketing.

How a WiFi landing page drives customer insights!

First, we need to know – what is a WiFi landing page? Well, when customers first decide to have a seat at your local cafe or sit in a booth at your restaurant, they will see a specific web page when trying to log into your WiFi. This landing page is usually something that represents your business and offers an easy way to log into the network.

The purpose of a WiFi landing page is to have users enter information, whether it be their name, date of birth, email address, or reason for visiting your shop, so they provide the business with some basic information before entering into the internet.

For guests, inputting an email address is a simple way to gain free WiFi – consumers don’t really think much about putting in their email, which typically automatically pops up as you start to type since it doesn’t slow down the sign-up experience or make you verify your identity via text message.

However, from the point of view of a business owner, the simple act of inputting an email is a great way to build your customer market, increase your reach, and broaden your horizons for online marketing tactics. 

Similarly, you can use information from automatic marketing to make better strategies and decisions moving forward as a business. What has worked so far, and what hasn’t in terms of customer interaction? 

Many store owners, restaurant owners, and cafe owners may find that creating a landing page is one of the last priorities of their business. After all, they have to figure out the decor, menu, and ambiance of their business – so why should a landing page matter?

However, they will soon find that optimizing the landing page and including only necessary information is an easy step that can help drastically improve customer retention rates and boost your marketing strategy. With an optimized landing page, you will help your business, your customers, and your reputation. 

Optimizing your landing page for increased customer insights!

There are specific ways you can optimize your landing page to boost customer retention and provide more significant insights. Keep these things in mind when creating your WiFi landing page: 

Brand consistency

Keep your brand consistent across all channels, whether your website, log-in page, social media pages, and other marketing methods such as newspapers or magazines. Brand consistency can help customers feel attracted and loyal to a particular company, whereas an inconsistent strategy will confuse consumers. 

Consistent branding has been shown to boost customer loyalty and retention and increase revenue by 23%. 

Usable on various devices

Sometimes you may be using your Chromebook to log into a WiFi page, whereas other times, you are using your Apple iPhone. Businesses need to optimize their WiFi page to be usable and readable on all devices, making it compatible for anyone and everyone to use. 

Use captivating imagery

The final method of optimizing your WiFi landing page is to use captivating and brand-loyal imagery. The image should fit the entire width of the page, not create any glitches while scrolling, and contain an actual picture of your business, whether it be food, a staff member, or your restaurant’s decor.


Optimizing your WiFi landing page is a seamless and foolproof way to increase customer retention, drive sales, and improve profits. By making it easy and quick to sign into a public network, you can influence customers to keep coming back for more. Tailoring your marketing strategies to your target market is a great way to boost loyalty and focus on brand consistency. 

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