Disadvantages of Online Learning

Online learning has become a booming industry since Covid-19 took over the world. It is a whole new educational system which kept students in touch with their academics throughout global lockdowns. But like any other system, it has both benefits and flaws. Despite the massive growth of online learning, there are still a few major issues linked to it as well. Here we are going to shed some light on the problems that stem from online learning.

  1. Limited feedback

In a traditional classroom, students can get immediate feedback from the teachers. Any problem they are experiencing can be solved quickly during lectures or after class. In-person feedback has an increasingly positive effect as it makes learning significant, uncomplicated, and rich. This can raise the motivational levels of students.

  1. Causes social isolation

Methods that are currently practised in online learning, trigger a sense of remoteness and lack of interaction. In consequence, students, and teachers alike who spend many hours online are cute off from socialization. A considerable gap occurs in their lives associated to human communication. This can lead to major mental health problems like anxiety, stress, and negativity.

  1. Requires time management and self-discipline

Not knowing how to self-motivate is the biggest reason for student failure in online academics. In a traditional educational environment, there are various external factors which motivate a student to achieve goals. In person communication with instructors, group activities, and  strict routines all force students to keep on track.

But in online learning, every student is left to his or her own devices. They must participate and set schedules for themselves without being urged by anything else. It falls on them to create a learning atmosphere in their own home which motivates them for studying. There are distractions like family, pets, and digital devices all calling to grab their attention. Hence it becomes much more difficult to work on their own.

  1. Inability to develop communication skills

Without a doubt, online learning has highly efficient methods that improve the intellect and knowledge of students. But communication is not one of the skills that is much focused on in e-learning. No face-to-face contact for a prolonged period with peers and teachers causes a degradation of confidence. This in turn makes students incapable of working successfully as a team. Students who do not have communicative skills become graduates with plenty of knowledge yet no abilities to pass it on.

  1. Cheating is tough to prevent in online examination

Cheating remains as one of the top disadvantages of the online learning. In comparison to on-campus exams, students can cheat more easily online. There is no direct observation possible of a student’s personal space and computer. This makes cheat detection almost non-existent in regard to online assessments. Also without a secure identity verification, students can take third party help without any problem.

  1. Teachers focus on theory more than practice

This is an issue which has been acknowledged and solved by some e-learning platforms, yet still not entirely eradicated. A large number of online teachers give theoretical knowledge to their students. And do not initiate any strategies to develop their practical skills alongside. The evident reason for that theory lectures are easier to apply online when compared to practical. It takes more effort and a complete teaching plan to implement practical lectures properly.

  1. Online learning can be limited for certain fields

All educational subjects have different requirements, and online learning is not always suitable for fulfilling them. It caters more efficiently to theoretical fields  like humanities and social sciences rather than engineering or medical science. As these subjects require some degree of hands-on experience. Online lecture are not good substitutes for a medical autopsy or industrial training. This may change in the future with the advancement of technology. But for now, it is a valid gap that online learning causes in the knowledge of students of these fields.

  1. It is not as widely accessible as we believe

Although technology seems to have taken over the world there are still many people who are bereft of it. There are huge illiterate populations in developing countries who have no way of accessing a computer or internet. Traditional schooling can be carried out in these areas instead of e-learning practices.

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Michael Hussey is a digital marketer and blogger. He writes about motivation, education, and personal development, mostly about career help. He hopes to make a good difference in the lives of people by sharing society related relevant stories and blogs also by his personal journey.