Dipak Nandi MD: Telemedicine, The New Age Solution Meeting all The Mental Health Needs

With the recent pandemic crisis, there have not only been a lot of changes in the way how healthcare practices work but changes have been noticed in the delivery of mental health care as well. Furthermore, the pandemic crisis has lead to an increasing evidence of a mounting surge in mental and behavioral health which needed much attention. In fact, with social distancing of the protracted nature in order to control the contagious virus further lead to a continued need for mental health support which is why telemedicine platform is one of the fastest-growing industry today. Expanding access to safe and effective treatment in a way the platform has not only proved to be a cost-effective solution but also the future of the healthcare domain.

The Telehealth platform which is used among behavioral health providers is in fact is a promising domain that helps to reduce the maldistribution of professionals as well as improve access to mental health and also for people who needed care related to substance use disorder treatment across the U.S. The platform further providing patients in rural or remote areas with more convenient and quicker mental health specialist access in the U.S. In fact here are few benefits that the telemedicine platform has:

One of the ease and convenience platform: one of the cost-effective solution or platform to connect where the patients and providers simply need a computer, webcam, and broadband internet access to get the treatment solution.

Fewer missed appointments: with the advantage of working within one comfort of home, patients are less likely to run into problems when they can meet from wherever they are. In fact, the report has also shown that there has a no-show rate of 3.5 percent, significantly lower than the industry average of 30-40 percent.

Offering customizes care solution: leveraging a virtual platform, providers are able to turn their focus to how care is delivered through appropriately-timed assessments and tracking trends and progress over time virtually and also giving solution instantly; thus, reducing the chances of delay in the treatment, etc.

In fact, a renowned psychiatrist Dipak Nandi, MD while treating the pandemic crisis patient & administering mental health treatment for helping them live a better life in fact observed, the telemedicine platform to be the future of the healthcare industry.