Dion Tha Don creator and entrepreneur

Dion, also known as Dion Tha Don was born in the 90’s in Milwaukee, WI. He is a father, creator, and entrepreneur.  In this article we will explore the life and determination of a self proclaimed boss. DionThaDon grew up in a single-parent home, primarily being raised by his mother and grandmother, although at the age of 14 his step father entered into his life. Dion stated “I really didn’t know how to follow, I’ve always been a leader, when my stepdad began to make decisions and create structure, it was hard for me; but it was definitely needed and I appreciate him and my mother for life.”  When Dion was 2 years old his Grandmother moved from the inner city of Milwaukee to escape violence when a bullet was a few inches from hitting him. Dion Said: “My mother and Grandmother worked extremely hard to make sure we succeeded.”  After the incident occurred his entire family moved towards the west side of Milwaukee to a small suburb, called Wauwatosa.  Here is where Dion would grow up attending all schools in the Wauwatosa school district from K4 all the way up until he graduated high school. Throughout his entire life he spent a lot of time with his grandmother. His safe place to date is the back seat of his grandmother’s car listening to old school blues music. “My grandmother is definitely my safe haven, I can be sad or mad, but when I see her; I’m instantly happy.” As stated by Dion. Throughout school Dion was always intelligent, but also had a disregard for authority, as a result he faced a lot of adversity. “When I was in school I really didn’t care. I started fights, carried and sold weapons, and was always being kicked out of class; but I never skipped, I actually enjoyed receiving knowledge, I just hated being forced to.”  A few months before graduating due to an after school altercation Dion was told he can no longer physically attend school, but that he can still walk across the stage as long as he completed the remainder of his classes. This is when Dion describes an epiphany took place. “When I couldn’t attend school anymore, an epiphany hit me! I was no longer being forced. It was my choice to complete school! I read each subject book from cover to cover and passed every class with flying colors.” This was the beginning of something great as Dion discovered his mojo.

Careers and Entrepreneurship

Post high school, Dion Tha Don did not know exactly what he wanted to do, he just knew he wanted to be successful. He started working at McDonalds while also attending a local community college.  Dion Said: “Normal people look at working at McDonalds as modern day slavery or like it’s a horrible job. I didn’t look at it like that. I developed people skills, I practiced selling products, I learned how to be on time, I learned how to properly clean, and I learned will-power; you had to have will-power to stand in a cold window and collect money. You see, it’s not about what you do. It’s about the mindset you have while doing it.”  After working an assortment of different jobs Dion realized he enjoyed learning what the different fields consist of as opposed to working the actual job in itself.  “I worked jobs to learn and be able to understand what every person in each career field goes through. It was never for the money. I know how to get money. Money has never been an issue.” Dion stated. He worked as a cashier, CNA, Telemarketer, Carpet Cleaner, Car salesman, Painter, Cook, Server, Bartender, Computer Technician, and Remote IT Technician. He stated that if he had not been so headset on owning his own work that being a car salesman would have been his career of choice. “I loved selling cars. It wasn’t just selling cars for me. It was the art of using your words in a specific manor, the practice of learning and using certain expressions to reach a greater goal, and the practice of manipulating psychology to work for you. I loved it. That job taught me more than any class, school, or individual could. Shout out to John, Nicole, Justin, Rob, Mike, and Shawn; Y’all the goat.” Stated Dion.

In between jobs, DionThaDon would take very long breaks from working and explore the field of entrepreneurship. He stated “When the summer came around, I would quit any job I had and focus on my hustle. I would say I spent 6 months on, 6 months off. I probably sold anything and everything you could think of – minus anything that goes against my moral code. And I was compensated heavily; during these times is when money itself became obsolete to me and I realized that it is much more to life than chasing dollars.”  As an entrepreneur, Dion owned vending machines, a carpet cleaning business, a photography business, a videography business, T-shirt business, and even a cell phone repair business- which you can find cell phone-related items on his website.

Dion stated that his most challenging job is being a father. He births a son and a daughter that he is extremely fond of.  “My kids are my pupils, my legacy, and truly are my everything. I had them when I was fairly young, and they taught me organization and responsibility at an early age. If I could go back in time I wouldn’t change anything. They are truly perfect “ stated Dion. Dion’s children are his sole purpose for starting Youtube back up. He States “I uploaded a few videos, but I was done once my camera malfunctioned. But my kids kept asking me about doing YouTube videos. Finally one day, I picked the camera back up, spent all day fixing it, and shot a family vlog with them, which is still on my Youtube channel.” Family is highly important to Dion as he described the family as his backbone and kryptonite against any vice known to man. 

Knowledge & Self Reflection

When asked about his lifelong journey of learning Dion stated “Knowledge is worth more than money, well at least to me.” Dion has also read many books. His favorite book is ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’  by Robert Kiyosaki. “My favorite book, the book that opened my eyes is definitely ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. It made me realize that I needed to boss up, I read it when I was 18. Ever since then I’ve been on a mission.” Stated Dion.Every day he wakes up he looks for new opportunities to learn. Dion said, “Every ‘L’ I take is a lesson, not a loss.” Thus he is not afraid to embark on any opportunity. Dion said “I don’t do things to put myself in a compromised position. As a matter of fact, I live life like it is a game of chess. I always think about 3 moves ahead and for every decision I make I think about how it will affect me in 5 years. Sometimes it holds up my decision-making process, but it is usually always well worth it. I love my thought process. I owe it all to my grandma. She makes me nervous to make the wrong decision. I don’t want to break her heart.“ He lifted up his right arm sleeve to show me the tattoo neatly placed on his muscle that read his grandmother’s name. He said it’s his strength when he runs out of it.

Dion has also taken time away for self-reflection. He stated “Social media will consume you and your thoughts. You have to step back and live in reality.” Dion has been mildly active on social media for the past 4 years. Over the course of time, Dion has grown his expertise in business, psychology, and journalism. He also said: “Self-Reflection is directly related to growth, we can’t grow if we don’t know what areas growth is needed in.” He spends a lot of his time reading books, researching, and conversing with individuals that master their field. In doing so he decided to launch his very own YouTube channel called, DionThaDonTV. Where he interviews entrepreneurs and people that are either widely recognized or self-proclaimed masters of their field.

Self Projection & Goals

When asked where he sees himself at in 5 years, Dion stated: “Well nothing is promised, especially not tomorrow. But with God’s will I hope to be someone that my children can look up to, I hope to be someone that leaves a legacy and a mark on the world, I hope to be someone that my entire family can be proud of.” Dion is definitely already someone who stands out amongst a world that everyone wants to be the same. He said “I have never been a follower, when I was a child my biological father told me I was a boss, and that no one in the world can be like me and that I cannot be like anyone else. Ever since then I ran with it and have always been able to fully commit to the decisions I choose to make.” One of a kind would be an understatement when describing Dion. From having a semi-troubled youth to adulthood with bigger dreams and aspirations than most, Dion is definitely a very unique individual with a drive and determination that is covetable. If you would like to reach out to Dion or show support you can visit him at www.dionthadon.com, here you can find his material, as well as different ways to contact him.